Friday, January 7, 2011


First post of the year! The image is our fruits for New Year ^__^

Originally, I planned posting on January 1st, but darn, all computer shops were full (Oh yeah I know everyone's loaded that day LOL).

I "deleted" Utada stuffs on my cellphone and PSP (but its all in my computer LOL)
Some say I'll last for only a minute, some it'll be for 2 weeks, some even say I can't do that XD.

I loaded my cellphone/PSP with artists I only know a song or two. BAAD, Ryohei, MFlo, Olivia Lufkin, Bamboo, Mai Kuraki, Kiroro, B'z, Azu, Fushigi Yuugi songs and many more. Wow, they are all amazing :) Most played were BAAD and Fushigi Yuugi :)
On a special note, BoA's discography is on my phone ;) Woot yeah! I'm really loving BoA's ballads! Kimi no Tonari de, First Snow, Winter Love, Love Letter, Everlasting, Jewel Song to name a few ;) I'm addicted to the live rendition of the said songs :)

January 3rd, I was struck by a tonsillitis accompanied by damn flu. I had burning fever which I thought would kill me... I wasn't able to go to work. Fruits and more fruits to eat since my throat was very sensitive and hurting. Today, I reported back to work. My officemates said I lost weight and I look weak -and still cute- XD


January 6th, I was feeling okay. I checked the computer shop and managed to rent an hour. Checked "My Documents" and I saw Utada's "This is the One" downloaded hahahaha. It was a blessing ^___^ It's there!!!! A Treasure!!! Of course I listened to it... "This One (Crying Like A Child)", "Come Back to Me" and the rest sounded new to me... Ohh I missed Hikaru so much. It made me feel better! *angel* Oh well, that ended my challenge XD

*drum roll*

I lasted only 4 days without Hikaru...and during those 4 days, her songs were all in my head!!! XD

Currently, Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Tour is loaded on my PSP ;)
My 2gig phone is full so I only have to pick the best Hikki songs for me.




I'm looking forward for March! A lot of PSP games will be released namely God Eater Burst, Dissidia Duodecim, Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday yeahhh!!! So many games to play by March XD


dissidia duodecim.iso working patched 5.00 m33-6 mediafire hotfile megaupload
God Eater Burst.iso working patched 5.00 m33-6 mediafire hotfile megaupload
Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday.iso working patched 5.00 m33-6 mediafire hotfile megaupload


gee gee gee gee baby baby said...

ei, u didn't mention that i diagnosed u with tonsilitis before u pulled off LETTERS on me.. wahaha xD i knew u wasn't goin to work the next day ^^ blaaaaah..

ow rili? my hikki's songs were all in ur head during da challenge? xD nyahaha!

Raul said...

Doctor Gee:

LOL yeah you're the doctor! I should've gone to our local doctor cause what you said was what she said LOL


Anonymous said...

This entry made me laugh! 4 days, not bad. XD

Raul said...

Megumi : lol hahaha i can't help it! it's automatic :D