Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unlucky 25

Wow, yesterday was my first unlucky day for 2011 >_<

First, I was on a jeep ride going to work and someone with a lot of baggage get on and the damn baggage was in front of me making my feet go numb for like 20 minutes -_-

Next, I rode a bus and when I was about to get off, the driver suddenly just accelerated and I accidentally fell. I was like being out of balance and managed to get back on track and a rushing motorcycle was about to hit me and I was able to dodge it...

Topic in our office is the blasted bus which killed like 4 people...

Going home, i was standing in the bus that I rode and it was like a roller coaster. It's so fast and when it took an emergency brake, all of us were pushed forward. Okay my muscles are sore LOL

Last one, in the jeep, the topic is about a construction worker that fell from a building and died >_<

damn, unlucky me -_-

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