Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IV Wisdom 05 Swimming!

April 26, 2009 IV-Wisdom Batch 05 Swimming Successful!

It's been like 4 years since we were together... As highschool ended, we parted our ways to college... And now, after 4 years of college life, many graduated. Some took 2 years course and some for a bachelor's degree... I'm one of the few who is left behind LOL..

I enjoy bein' with you friends. It's fun, the feeling of bein' together again is priceless. I wish to have another nightswimming session with ya! ;)

Eventhough I can't swim, I still enjoyed that night. Hahaha, lots of good foods, lots of memories to remember and to share. ;)

Congratulations again graduates and I wish you goodluck in your careers :)

Thank you so much for sharin' time/memories!




Benru's GF

Marc doesn't help me complete the list LOL... So if I forgot other peeps, let me know XD..


Rene's share is only 50 bucks >:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Utada Hikaru - Bohemian Summer Tour 2000 [PSP-Mp4]

Good day!!! ^_^


Enjoy another amazing concert by Utada Hikaru.

Please be reminded that the stuff is for promotional purposes only.

We believe that providing subtitled stuffs will give you a different feel since you'll be able to understand the songs' meaning.

If you like the concert, please purchase the original Utada Hikaru - Bohemian Summer Tour 2000.
Let's support Hikki and spread the love for her.



01 Addicted to You
02 Time Limit
03 In My Room
04 Time Will Tell
05 Never Let Go
06 Fly Me to the Moon
07 Another Chance
08 For You
09 Automatic
10 Take on Me
11 Give Me A Reason
12 Hayatochiri
13 I Love You
14 Playback part 2
15 Movin' on Without You
16 First Love
17 Wait and See ~Risk~
18 Amai Wana
19 Livin on My Own
20 B&C
21 First Love ~Remix~
22 Fireworks


Raul-kun ^^
(take note of the space)

PSP Mpeg-4



368x208 (Full Screen)

29.97 fps


128 kbps (Best)


2 Channels Stereo

24000 Hz


Subtitles by Raul-kun
Raw Provided by Nakiatala/PabloRiv
Translations by Meg-chan/Kiwi Musume


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Desktop

Hi peeps!!! ^_^ I'd like to show you my desktop wallpaper, of course, it's Utada Hikaru.

The programs are used can be seen there hahaha, not all though..

Nero, for burning CDs/DVDs
WinAVI, for video converting
ePSXe, for psx emulation
WinKawaks, for arcade emulation, my games? Metal Slug XD
Windows Movie Maker, my old subtitle maker ;) I still love that XD
Windows Media Player, well, it's given XD
Media Player Classic, why the hell it has a shortcut XD
AllokVideo Converter, another great converter for PSP/Mp4 players
Popstation, for psx games to psp :D
nulDC, Marvel vs Capcom 2 ;) OMG! i love that game!
Aegisub, the new subtitle program i'm currently learning and using XD
utorrent, for my download needs XD
Yahoo Messenger, still the best messenger for me
TuneUp Utilities, my new found program, optimizes PC performance ^_^

damn, i don't have a shortcut for Internet Download Manager hahahaha, it's the best download manager ;)

That's all for today ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

In my world... there is only you....

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's my day off!!!! ^_^

I felt very productive yesterday :D

Played Megaman X4... start and now almost on the final stage already *gai pose*...

Subtitled Hikki's First Love @ Utada United perf for K n K's Fansubs

Watched Sex is Zero.... and the most important... a fanvid was born!

Sex is Zero is very funny… loads of laugh-out-loud moments… BUT… the story is quite “sad” too….

I used the song “My World” by SR-71. I felt that the song perfectly fits the guy’s point of view.

Let’s summarize:

Eunsik loves Eun-hyo but Eun-hyo likes another guy…. to make it worse, that another guy has another girl… get it?

In depth…

Eun-hyo and the guy slept together… and boom, the she got pregnant… Eun-hyo then confronted that guy. However, the guy was avoiding her… Finally, when they meet, he gave Eun-hyo a card to do abortion but the girl threw away that card in the guy’s face… (This is what I hate : abortion)

~Does he make you high? Does he make you real? Does he make you cry????~

Scared Eun-hyo then proceeded with the abortion… and Eun-sik was on her side; took care of her, guided her, made her laugh… did everything for the girl he loves.

~Your universe is full… but in my world, there is only you~

There was a contest and Eun-hyo still performed… after the performance, she then lost large amount of blood!!!! Eun-sik rushed him to the hospital, went back to the contest to see the guy with his other girl…Eun-sik’s emotion exploded and beated the hell out of the guy….

Eun-hyo finally recovered… and then, she picked Eun-sik as her boyfriend ^_^

The end of summary ^_^

Lesson: Do not make a girl fall if you don't intend to catch her... >_<
Many guys are pouring their feelings for a true love... if you have a girlfriend, stick with her xD...

Hope you enjoy!!!

Thanks to Leannie and GZ for grammar check ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kin-chan!!!!


It's Kin-chan's birthday!!!

Way back 2005, I've met Kin-chan on an anime forums, FA.
Woot, I can't believe it's like 4 years now. I saw a pic of her along with the Tifa posted above ^_^.

She's one of my favorite online buddy. It's like we've talked everything under the sun ^__^. I'm thankful I've known someone like you....

I wish you a happy birthday!!!

Here, a cake present ;) I know you like piggy stuffs so much ^__^

Cheers!!!! ^__^

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thinking of you wherever you are...

Parting…. Goodbye… Farewell…

Simple words… I doubt no one can misspell it right?

In contrast with its simplicity, it’s quite difficult to overcome parting or farewell…

Being an introvert, I don’t talk much…. Always keeping my stuffs to myself… and some of the closest friends to me…

But… I’ve realized, someone saying goodbye to me suddenly put me into solitude… and it’s even much harder if the person wasn’t even able to part goodbye.

Mary Grace,

A baby sent from the heavens… Our neighbor was selected to be her nanny because her parents were so busy…

When I first saw her, she’s an ordinary baby… a baby that’s annoying, crybaby! She’s the one that wakes me up with her cries.... When she’s in our house, she’s like communicating to me… asking me to give her some bread LOL… crawls to me and charmingly act that she wants me to cuddle her.

I developed my love for her… the love of a father… It’s been a year or 2 that we’ve been together…. Her first words “Papa” and “Mama”… I still remember her calling me Papa….I’ve been her guardian for those years… I’ve guided her into activities such as walking, eating, playing… and many more…

December 31, 2003, the happy times ended… her mother came and said they’re moving… I even sent them to the terminal… Kissed Mary Grace goodbye… I still remember… I still remember my words “You’re going to come back right?” and she was smiling and nodded her head….

Days, weeks and months passed…

Friday, January 07, 2005

She came back! I noted that day… that day I was down because of a girl LOL.
She has grown up. She already has complete teeth, short hair, pretty dress… She can even speak now. How cute!!! That day, my loneliness was washed away… I’ve treated her marshmallows which is her favorite. Yay!!! I even dreamed of being with her during high school graduation. Back to the routine, we eat together, play together and I’ve taught her how to read… I remember taking her to our school for a walk xD. I was so happy….

Sunday, January 16, 2005

My hair was long and I was advised by the teacher to have a haircut. She went to our house, asking me to play with her… I explained that I need to have a haircut and instructed her to play with other kids…

I wasn’t able to get back to her because I also have some stuff to do with friends.

Monday, January 17, 2005

After school, I went to her place for us to have lunch… her nanny said her mother came and again said they’re moving…….


I should’ve played with her for the last time T__T… Darn it, we don't even have a photo of us together <_<

It's been like 4 years now... Maybe she doesn't know me anymore.....
Who knows, I might see her in the train or in the bus....

Mary Grace, the baby I love so much… a baby who taught me how to love babies… Sweet and cute… I wish to see you again………

~Baby come back to me~

~Thinking of you wherever you are~