Friday, February 25, 2011

Nickelback Live in Sturgis

Ahhhhh i'm cooling off from playing PSP haha XD

Subbed 2 songs from Nickelback's Live in Sturgis concert ^_^

Far Away Live in Sturgis
Someday Live in Sturgis


will upload tomorrow ;)


Someday Live in Sturgis

seems WMG is not allowing other videos :(
hope you can watch more here:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where are my ideas?

urgh, I don't really have anything to post... I'm losing my ideas :(

Been busy playing PSP LOL

My friend : You're playing too much PSP, work with your lovelife!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

WHO TO CHOOSE : the girl that you like but doesn't like you back OR the girl that likes you but you don't like back?

Let's start the day with Philippine's best ever traffic! (bitter)

Supposedly, my day off today, but one of my teammate resigned so yeah I'm here -_- (another bitter line)

Valentines Day to me is just a regular day since birth LOL

I'll share you my so-called love life

FIRST, the girl that I like...

LAST, the girl that likes me...

this was last written on Valentines Day but I had a burning fever.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Rock Ballad Lyrics Subtitles

Nickelback - Far Away ~lyrics subtitles~

Hey what's up?!

I've opened a project: to subtitle rock ballad songs ^_^
So far I got 4 Nickelback songs done but yeah upload is damn slow o_o

Check out the youtube channel, feel free to add as a friend/subscribe ;)

I'd like to thank my partner BhiveGirl for her never-ending support! Thanks for making me a spoiled lion! RAWRRRR!

Supposedly, this "must" be a Valentines post but I was really busy today -_- Okay... I'll post one some time XD

I've been quite busy playing Lord of Arcana LOL


Nickelback - Far Away ~lyrics subtitles~
Nickelback - I'd Come For You ~lyrics subtitles~
Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone ~lyrics subtitles~
Nickelback - Someday ~lyrics subtitles~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lord of Arcana PSP

As expected, i finished Twin Blades The Reaping Vanguard yesterday :) and next on my "to play list", Square Enix's Lord of Arcana :D

Currently at Level 10 :D I'll list my likes/dislikes

Graphics(awesome change of equips)
Equips (there's A LOT)
Ultimate Cards (Bahamut ftw!)
detailed map

CAMERA ANGLE!!! (seriously, they should've assigned L/R buttons for camera angle)

so far, that's all I can say XD
If you got PSP, i recommend you play this :D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twin Blades The Reaping Vanguard

Currently playing Twin Blades The Reaping Vanguard.... I know what you'll say! "It pretty much looks like Plants versus Zombies" LOL yeah graphic wise ;) it's cute! XD

The character has a scythe and a gun which are all upgradable ;) There are explosive, flame thrower, ice,machine gun and the holy beam (i think i'm 1 or 2 more guns) :D

Currently at the first boss LOL I hope I can finish this game later ;)


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Friday, February 4, 2011

Next Generation Portable NGP PSP2 Specs Games

Images from Wikipedia

The device codenamed Next Generation Portable (abbreviated as NGP), commonly referred to as the PSP2, is an upcoming handheld console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the successor to the PlayStation Portable as part of the PlayStation family of gaming devices and will mainly compete with the Nintendo 3DS. The device is due for initial release during the fourth quarter of 2011.

The device includes dual analog sticks, 5 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, 3G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi support. Internally, the device features a 4 core ARM Cortex-A9 core processor and a SGX543MP4+ graphics processing unit as well as LiveArea as its main user interface, which succeeds the XrossMediaBar for the PlayStation Portable.

Several games have been announced for the device, including Uncharted Portable, Hustle Kings, Hot Shots Golf Next as well as new iterations of Killzone, Wipeout, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, and Call of Duty. In addition, several third-party studios showcased technology demos of the device by exporting existing assets from their PlayStation 3 counterpart and then rendering them on the device. Some of the games that were demonstrated include Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Yakuza Of the End, and Lost Planet 2. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was also demonstrated to be running on the device to showcase the device's backwards compatibility with downloadable PlayStation Portable titles, which was also shown to be compatible with the NGP's additional analogue stick. Games will also be distributed in a new proprietary flash storage format rather than the original PlayStation Portable's Universal Media Disc format. Unlike the first PSP, the NGP will come with Trophy support for games.

The device will also support backwards compatible PlayStation Portable downloadable titles, PlayStation minis, PSOne Classics, videos and comics from the PlayStation Store.


~OKAY! I WANT ONE!~ but i know it would be damn expensive... will wait for it to price drop before I buy XDDDDDDDDDDDD

SEARCH : Next Generation Portable NGP PSP2 Specs Games download ISO

Utada Hikaru Natural Breeze Concert audio rip


Hikaru no 5 Live in Budokan 2004 audio rip


Utada Hikaru - Bohemian Summer 2000 audio rip

Kindly edit track #5 to "Fly Me to the Moon" LOL my favorite line from the song "I love you oh yes I do..." was stuck on me that's why I might've renamed it to I love you... my bad :P


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Utada Hikaru - MTV Unplugged audio rip


I've made an audio rip of Utada Hikaru's MTV Unplugged performance.


01 Wait and See
02 First Love
03 Addicted to You
04 Parody
05 Kettobase!
06 With or Without You
07 Automatic
08 Final Distance





Raul-kun for extracting the songs
BhiveGirl for uploading

Utada Hikaru - Wild Life ~ustream ver~ audio rip


Here we go again ;)

I made an audio rip of Utada Hikaru's Wild Life concert (12082010) which was live streamed by ustream.

I prefer this version since Hikki's voice is much more awesome (I think Hikki is very powerful here) unlike the SkyPerfect which was edited that made Hikki sound weak (in my opinion)... Ok, it's been debated by UH fans LOL

A few things to note about this audio rip:

1) Songs only...
2) Prisoner of Love was cut...
3) I added a bonus track called BONJOUR (you know it XD)
4) That's all


Brought to you by :


00 Bonjour
01 Goodbye Happiness x Traveling
02 Take 5 x Prisoner of Love
03 Colors
04 Letters
05 Hymn a Lamour
06 Sakura Drops
07 Eclipse ~interlude~
08 Passion
09 Blue
10 Show Me Love
11 Stay Gold
12 Boku wa Kuma
13 Automatic
14 First Love
15 Flavor of Life
16 Beautiful World
17 Hikari
18 Nijiiro Basu
19 Across the Universe
20 Can't Wait Till Christmas
21 Time Will Tell





Sylfi for upping the concert
Raul-kun for extracting the songs
BhiveGirl for uploading

Crash Team Racing PSP

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Gee for sending me this awesome game ^o^

Woot woot!

Finished Crash Team Racing last Monday ^_^
I remember my highschool days when no one can beat me playing this awesome game :)

During those times, I used cheats (yes, that's for 2 players so it's fair). Unlimited masks/max fruits so racing was smooth. Shortcuts as always.

When I played on my PSP I tried not using cheats and yeah, I was able to win races in one go ;) The last boss for 3 tries LOL

I still have relic races (beat the clock) and CTR Challenge (winning races in 1st place and collecting the 3 letters CTR which are sometimes hard to find/get). I don't like collecting the crystals LOL

Let's race!


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Stuffs :)

Last Sunday, I was with my 2 girl______friends and we went to Gilmore to canvass PC/Laptops... I still don't have plans on upgrading my PC so I just bought some stuffs XD

4GB PQI Flashdisk
our house was robbed last year so I lost my flashdisk -_-)

500GB External Hard Disk (HELL YEAH!)

Originally, I planned to buy 1.5TB but its a 3.5" which needs a different power supply -_-

2.5" external hard disks are plug and play ;) This would make file trading easy ;)

I have concerts, movies, PSP games, animes, music, music videos loaded on my external hard disk...


Philippine Passport

Passport acquired :D

I was really satisfied with DFA's service, everything went fine during my appointment with DFA. Fast and efficient, that's 2 words to define DFA (in my opinion)

Next step is to get a job abroad :D *heartbeat*

Utada Hikaru Birthday Foods XD

LOL this is a late post ;)

I'll show you the stuffs I ate last January 19, Hikaru's birthday :D

Brazo de Mercedes from Goldilocks :)

Dunkin Donuts


Lemon? XD

7-up the best! XD

I also had oranges but I'm missing the pic -_-
I really enjoyed that day... took a day off to celebrate Hikaru's birthday ;) I also treated myself watching her concerts! haha ;)

Nini, I'll share the cake to your mother dear! ^^