Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wawa Dam : Montalban, Rizal


January 17, 2011... Me and 2 of my friends went to the historical Wawa Dam found in Montalban, Rizal. We were actually bored and decided "Let's go to Wawa" It's only a ride or two from our house so we went XD LOL Let the pictures do the talking:)

Upon arriving at Wawa Dam, you'll see this view :)

The variety stores can be found on those houses... We ate banana cue :)

The dam's slowly flowing water

The trees

Passing through a cave-like walkway

A tunnel used by the revolutionaries (too bad it's been vandalized)

Fountain! XD

The bridge you have to cross :)

A view below the bridge

The walkway

The Wawa Dam

A view from the dam's watchtower

Behind the dam

The other side

A local resident with charcoal as business

The students going home

a man transporting banana

Going home :)

It was indeed an awesome experience. Going back to nature, green trees, cold water, fresh air, simple living.

If you're interested in going to Wawa I'll give you the direction XD

How to go to Wawa Dam?

Ride an SM Fairview jeep (14 pesos) and get off at Commonwealth Market. Cross the overpass and ride a Relocation jeep (15 pesos) Get off at Montalban Crossing. Ride a Wawa jeep (15 i think) and there you go ;)


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Randolf said...

Wow! Mukhang maganda dun ah!

g3baby2 said...

woi, waterfalls desu yo xD

Raul said...

Randolf : exactly ;)

g3baby2 : hai! too bad we don't have swimming things XD