Saturday, January 29, 2011

Utada Hikaru - Live Zepp Tokyo (Luv Live) audio rip

Blast from the past!

Utada Hikaru's Live Zepp Tokyo performance audio rip (and if you're gonna ask if there's a video clip, the answer is NO).

Feel the rawness of Hikki's voice!

01 - Amai Wana
02 - Time Will Tell
03 - In My Room
04 - Never Let Go
05 - Another Chance
06 - Give Me A Reason
07 - Automatic
08 - Konya wa Boogie Back
09 - First Love
10 - Movin' On Without You



Nakiatala/PabloRiv for uploading way back years
Raulsky for extracting the songs only
Bhivegirl for the fresh upload

Utada Hikaru - WILD LIFE Live at Yokohama Arena 2.5GB HQ

This is it! The much awaited LOWER FILE SIZE WITH AWESOME QUALITY...

Utada Hikaru Wild Life Concert Live at Yokohama Arena 2010.12.08
(Sukachan 801 1280x720) [encoded by teppo]

File Size: 2542 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Duration: 02:30
Format : MKV

Visit Teppo's blog for the links ;)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Young Thor PSP

Finished this game! ;)

Well the game is definitely for kids XD. Four stages in 4 different levels (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 etc). Short! LOL

Along the way, you'll find upgrades that makes Young Thor stronger (double jump, 2x damage, health/magic regen etc).

There are also "accomplishments" like defeating a hundred spiders, reaching a certain level, acquiring a hundred red fruits etc etc. :D

I think the easy way to level up is to fight the CURSED SQUIRREL again and again... I was level 30 and reached level 60 fighting the cursed squirrel LOL

The last boss was annoying though >_< She moves hella fast... The first try, I was about to win but I failed lol... after some few tries, I finally won XD

I reached level 70 ;)



SEARCH young thor easy level up young thor walkthrough guide

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Junko : Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Guitarist

The topic for today, Junko-san, Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Tour guitarist ;)

It seems BhiveGirl and I are getting attached to Hikaru's band members XD
We followed her on twitter and thinks she's an awesome guitarist :D

So far, she never replied to me on twitter (as well as Hikaru LOL)

Enjoy the video ;) Junko has a solo guitar part :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unlucky 25

Wow, yesterday was my first unlucky day for 2011 >_<

First, I was on a jeep ride going to work and someone with a lot of baggage get on and the damn baggage was in front of me making my feet go numb for like 20 minutes -_-

Next, I rode a bus and when I was about to get off, the driver suddenly just accelerated and I accidentally fell. I was like being out of balance and managed to get back on track and a rushing motorcycle was about to hit me and I was able to dodge it...

Topic in our office is the blasted bus which killed like 4 people...

Going home, i was standing in the bus that I rode and it was like a roller coaster. It's so fast and when it took an emergency brake, all of us were pushed forward. Okay my muscles are sore LOL

Last one, in the jeep, the topic is about a construction worker that fell from a building and died >_<

damn, unlucky me -_-

Utada Hikaru - Wild Life Concert Audio Rip 320kbps


Utada Hikaru - Wild Life 320kbps Audio Rip (songs only)

00 Bonjour
01 Goodbye Happiness x Traveling
02 Take 5 x Prisoner of Love
03 Colors
04 Letters
05 Hymn a Lamour
06 Sakura Drops
07 Eclipse
08 Passion
09 Blue
10 Show Me Love
11 Stay Gold
12 Boku wa Kuma
13 Automatic
14 First Love
15 Flavor of Life
16 Beautiful World
17 Hikari
18 Nijiiro Basu
19 Across the Universe
20 Cant Wait Till Christmas
21 Time Will Tell

Let's all support Utada Hikaru! Buy her original products ;)

Sukachan for uploading the whole concert
Teppo for uploading the audio rip of the whole concert
Raul-kun for extracting the songs from the concert
BhiveGirl619 for uploading



Utada Hikaru - Wild Life Concert Audio Rip 320kbps megaupload mediafire rapidshare hotfile filesonic

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Utada the Best

Yes, I'm currently listening to Utada the Best :) I found a link and I thought I'd share ;)


01 Come Back To Me
02 Easy Breezy
03 Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence-FYI
04 You Make Me Want To Be A Man
05 This One (Crying like a Child)
06 Exodus '04
07 Apple And Cinnamon
08 Automatic Part II
09 Devil Inside
10 Kremlin Dusk
11 Sanctuary (Opening)
12 Sanctuary (Ending)
13 Exodus '04 (JJ FLORES Double J Radio Mix)
14 Devil Inside (RJD2 Remix)
15 Come Back To Me (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Edit)
16 Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)

The tracklist in my opinion is lame (REMOVE ALL THE DAMN REMIXES LOL) and there's actually no new material unlike the Single Collection Volume 2... Where's "Simple and Clean?" LOL if there's Simple and Clean here, there's a chance Kingdom Hearts fans will buy one LOL

Well it's "Utada" so yeah we support her ;)

I did not upload the album, I just saw it somewhere and i thought I'll post.
Credits to the uploader

UTADA THE BEST album download 320kbps


SEARCH Utada the Best album download 320kbps mediafire megaupload rapidshare filesonic hotfile

Friday, January 21, 2011

Raul-kun is busy!


I've been on training mode! My boss is teaching me how to do her reports so when she's on rest day I can take over the task :)

So far so good :D


i'll post the foods I ate last January 19, Hikkis birthday XD

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NOVA Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

Not my type of game but I did enjoy this ;)

This one resembles Turok/Quake games. First person shooting and alien enemies XD

things I like in NOVA

- Compass, saves time! it's actually walking you through the game :D
- Auto-regen, your armor (health) regenerates when you're not being hit so it's like having unlimited life
- puzzles are easy IMO XD
- it's awesome!

My favorite gun is the Sniper Rifle (one shot baby!) as well as the plasma gun (unlimited regen baby!) ^_^

So if you're into FPS, try this one! :D


SEARCH NOVA Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance ISO patch 5.0 m33 N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance walkthrough tips review

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Hikaru!

It's Utada Hikaru's birthday today ;)
There are so many things I want to say but that's all that fitted XD

Anyways, I took a day off at work and now I'm treating myself with Utada Hikaru's music and videos =)

Bought a cake, drinks and fruits XD Well this is my 3rd year celebrating Hikaru's birthday :) I'm just finding a way to have more fun and I think celebrating Hikki's birthday would be perfect since I've never been so inspired by an artist. I still have 7 months for my birthday LOL so it's good to celebrate xDD

Hi Nini! XD

Can you understand me? ~Utada Hikaru / Sangurasu~

Wawa Dam : Montalban, Rizal


January 17, 2011... Me and 2 of my friends went to the historical Wawa Dam found in Montalban, Rizal. We were actually bored and decided "Let's go to Wawa" It's only a ride or two from our house so we went XD LOL Let the pictures do the talking:)

Upon arriving at Wawa Dam, you'll see this view :)

The variety stores can be found on those houses... We ate banana cue :)

The dam's slowly flowing water

The trees

Passing through a cave-like walkway

A tunnel used by the revolutionaries (too bad it's been vandalized)

Fountain! XD

The bridge you have to cross :)

A view below the bridge

The walkway

The Wawa Dam

A view from the dam's watchtower

Behind the dam

The other side

A local resident with charcoal as business

The students going home

a man transporting banana

Going home :)

It was indeed an awesome experience. Going back to nature, green trees, cold water, fresh air, simple living.

If you're interested in going to Wawa I'll give you the direction XD

How to go to Wawa Dam?

Ride an SM Fairview jeep (14 pesos) and get off at Commonwealth Market. Cross the overpass and ride a Relocation jeep (15 pesos) Get off at Montalban Crossing. Ride a Wawa jeep (15 i think) and there you go ;)


SEARCH Wawa Dam Montalban Rizal Wawa Dam Rodriguez Rizal Wawa Dam Montalban Rizal Direction Wawa Dam Montalban Rizal View

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Utada Hikaru NHK Documentary Translation

credits : tokyohive for the translation

Chris [C]: “When did you start thinking about being an artist?”

Utada [U]: “I’ve always loved music, but I didn’t want to be an artist because both of my parents are artists, and they put so much passion into it, like selling a car to pay for the studio fee. They didn’t hesitate to spend money on music, even when they didn’t have an income. They could not rent a house because their income was unstable.

Witnessing those things as a child, I wanted a job with more stable income; I didn’t want to have an unstable life, in which you go up and down with your emotions, passions, and overall living. Therefore, I believed that I would provably go to school and get a job.

However, when I was around 12 or 13 years old, my parents suggested that I create my own song. Since I always loved to sing and I loved music, I started composing songs, playing my piano, and writing lyrics. Thanks to my parents, composing songs led to releasing CDs. When I think about my childhood, I used to hold the ‘Hikaru Show’ at home, sending invitations to my parents, and it was always my parents, me, and music together. So I think I was in the flow (to be an artist).”

[C]: “Let’s talk about your declaration for ‘human activity‘.”

[U]: “I believe that everyone only knows how you live your life, and you can only imagine how others live theirs. These past 2 years, I started noticing that I’ve been protected, and that I lived in such a small society. Although I’ve learned a lot, had many experiences, and gained some confidence as a professional artist over these 12 years, other things – such as living ability, being considerate of others’ feelings, knowing about people who are in different environment – those kind of things are what people experience naturally. But I was in an environment in which I did not have to experience things like that; it was like ‘ growing in a hothouse’.

I noticed that I might be an adult who would not be able to live without the agency or the manager.”

[C]: “What was the trigger to make you think this way?”

[U]: “I started visiting the countryside recently and felt the greatness of nature, how refreshing and important it is to go outside. I’ve developed an inclination to go outside more; I noticed that there was a potential for a new experience whenever I went outside, and that nothing would happen if I stayed inside of my house. So I tried to go outside at least once a day for something that wasn’t work-related, such as going for a short walk with my own legs.”

[C]: “Why did you choose live concerts as your last activity before you went on hiatus?”

[U]: “I held a tour in North America and in London during January and February of 2010. A tour at small live houses was something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I debuted.

Compared to other singers, I have less experience with live concerts. I feel that an artist should hold live concerts at smaller venues first, and then go on to bigger places; but in my case, it was the other way around. It was my first overseas tour, so a lot of people came over to my concerts, and I felt such a strong passion and love from them. It also made me feel that having live concerts are great, and that I want to sing more lives in Japan. I was the artist who spent more time at home on making music and singing at the studio, than holding live concerts. However, this feeling of wanting to sing in front of fans started growing on me. That’s how I decided to hold the live concerts.”

[C]: “How did you feel when you left the microphone on the stage, and walked the runway?”

[U]: “It felt refreshing at the live, and I was told by many people that the concert was filled with a mysterious and warm love. I was happy to hear that, because that feeling was in my heart. I was happy my heart was able to reach out to the audience through my songs and through my body.

These past 2 years, I’ve started thinking about ‘love’ for the first time. I never considered seriously what it meant to cherish or love something before, or maybe I just tried not to think about it on purpose because it’s scary. But this time, I was finally able to face it. I think before, I couldn’t afford to ‘tuck up’ others with my love, but at the concert, my fans were able to feel my love and how much I wanted to cherish them. I was also able to receive love in return from the audience. It was a very warm time, and the concert became very precious to me.”

[C]: ”How was to produce your own PV?” (talking about the PV for “Goodbye Happiness”)

[U]: “At first, I was going to have someone else do it, like I usually did, but there were some things I felt like ‘That’s not the same as my feeling now’, and it didn’t work out well even though I tried to explain it. Then I noticed that I’m the only person who could understand my current feelings, and that I won’t be able to make any music videos for a while [because of my hiatus]. Therefore, I decided to do everything I wanted to do. I also wanted to make myself do things which other directors wouldn’t ask me to do.

People tend to think that celebrities do or possess special things, but that’s not true. I wanted to show people that I’m just a regular woman, and I thought it would be meaningless if I make a video with myself merely acting the role of ‘Utada Hikaru’.”

[C]: “You are about to stop your activities as an artist for a while. What are you planning to do?”

[U]: “I think it does not matter what I will do, it’s more important on how I do things. The thing I want to do the most is to study with other people, and I want to volunteer overseas if I get the chance. I’m currently searching for that chance. I hope there would be something I could do, at a place where I can meet people in different environments, like in a nursing institution.

I will probably be making music and singing freely at home, because music is not all about business to me. But I will focus on the point of being a ‘Utada Hikaru’ who can take care of herself, and now have people there to support me. I think, in order for me to do so, I will finally understand how much people have done for me, and I also want to cherish time, myself, and the people around me.”

[C]: “Independence?”

[U]: “Yes, that’s it.”

Utada Hikaru - Ima no Watashi

Credits to MasamuneHiro for upping @ viddler

Honestly, I haven't seen this one yet. only the "Show Me Love" studio-live performance and it was awesome! The stage looks like an itouch springboard! XD



SEARCH utada hikaru documentary HD HDRIP DOWNLOAD JPOPSUKI january 2011 utada hikaru ima no watashi utada hikaru NHK 2011 DOWNLOAD JPOPSUKI

Zenonia PSP

Wow, I blogged this last week and now it's done XD. I finished Zenonia ^__^

The game reminds me of Ragnarok (the elements: graphics, skills etc). When I searched for the game images, the first thought that came to my mind was CLOUD STRIFE XD Yellow hair, big sword. Our hero here is named Regret who fights his destiny (NO SPOILER) XD

The game is cute, i highly recommend this especially to RPG/online gamers :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snack Time ^__^

Woot woot! let's eat :)

Nissin Chocolate Wafer (10 pesos) and LOADED (5 pesos)

Iced Cold Mountain Dew!
(so cool so good feel so bright!)

Pangako Sa Iyo (My Promise to You)

Song by Rey Valera
Translated by Raulsky

Noon akala ko
Ang wagas na pag-ibig
Ay sa nobela lang
At para bang kay hirap
Na paniwalaan

Before I thought
An everlasting love
can only be found in novels
and it seems so hard to believe


Ikaw, ikaw pala
Ang hinihintay kong pangarap
Ngayong kapiling ka
At tayo'y isa
Hindi ko hahayaan
Na sa atin ay may hahadlang

You, it's you
The dream I've been waiting for
Now that you're by my side
And we're one
I won't let
Anybody to come between us


Pangako sa 'yo
Ipaglalaban ko
Sa hirap at ginhawa
Ang ating pag-ibig
Upang 'di magkalayo
Kailan man
'Pagkat ang tulad mo
Ay minsan lang sa buhay ko...

My promise to you
I will fight for our love
Through good times and bad times
For us not to be separated
Because the likes of you
Comes once in a lifetime

Repeat II:

Repeat Chorus:

For better or for worst
For richer or for poorer
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part

For better or for worst
For richer or for poorer
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part

Upang 'di magkalayo
Kailan man
'Pagkat ang tulad mo
Ay minsan lang sa buhay ko...

For us not to be separated
Because the likes of you
Comes once in a lifetime

Repeat Chorus:

Woot woot! I was about to post this yesterday but internet failed and I lost my translation -_- yeah I translated it again lol. Well I did my best translating the song.

One of the most-used Filipino wedding song in my opinion ;) The song holds a deep meaning to me. The meaning of the song is simple yet it's really touching. I also followed the series of the same name starring my favorite Tin and Echo way back my elementary days XD

Foreign peeps, please listen to the song ;)


Yeah I'll play this on my wedding XDDDDDDDDDD


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I want you!

I want you!!! I really really want you!!!

My current desire is an External Hard Disk 1.5TB WD Elements 3.5" Price is P4350. It's still kinda expensive for me LOL Way back when I still don't have a computer, I bought a 250GB Hard Disk for P4000. Now a 1.5TB for P4000 is kinda expensive XD

I'm sick and tired of getting stuffs from a 4GB DVDR. It's a hassle finding the DVD so I badly need an external hard disk. I need to compile the Utada Hikaru goodies jk jk jk :D

If you want to buy computer peripherals, Gilmore is your friend. Prices there are way low compared to the mall prices. ;)

I suggest checking out Gaisano Interpace and PC Options.

Gaisano Interpace has a website and updated pricelist. Check for more information.



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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SERIOUSLY: New Year's Resolution

Woot woot! I'm missing Bohemian Summer! XD Well, the post is not about it though =)
The post is about my New Year's Resolution that I really have to take SERIOUSLY. :D Enumerate!

Less fast foods
- Last December, my mother went to our province and during that time, I eat at fast foods twice a day for more than a week. My fart even smelled chicken fillet! XD

More Exercises
- I've been exercising since last year and was stopped during December due to work/parties/laziness haha. Now I have to do exercises 7 times a day... and if possible 2 sessions per day :D

More sleep
- There are times when I can't meet the 8hours a day sleep, but yeah, Ima prioritize it XD

Eat Vegetables
- This is a miracle LOL Well I have to eat more vegetables... so far I can eat string beans and monggo XD

Be more outgoing
- I've declined a lot of invitations last year... This time I have to do my best to come and join =)

Save More!
- We're growing old (yes I look teen I know) and we have to save something for the future (I ain't getting married yet, just preparing XD)

More Utada Hikaru
- I dared myself... and I failed LOL. So yeah addiction is better than killing myself XD

That's all I can think for now XD

Last Song Syndrome?

Also known as LSS, its a syndrome where you can't stop listening to a particular song. It's all in your head, crunching every word the song has... writing the lyrics on a piece of paper... it's addicting LOL

My current LSS is "BLUE" by Utada Hikaru (see the connection with the image above XD). I was really happy to hear a never-before-performed-live Hikaru song during Wild Life Tour. Currently, its my number one track for Wild Life Tour and as of this writing, it's on repeat (though it's the album version).

Let me take you back to 2003, when I first heard Hikari/Simple and Clean. Way back then, it's the only Hikaru song I know and my friend owns a music player and I included it in his playlist. Our teacher was teaching and the darn LSS took over me. I put the volume on the lowest level so I can hear it while the teacher was discussing XD (DO NOT BE LIKE ME HAHA) Oh well, I was caught XD.

Then I learned about the "FIRST LOVE" album. "Time Will Tell" was the most played track there competing with "First Love" song. It's either my classmates would call me "Time Will Tell" or "Mr. First Love"......... Nostalgia ^_^

What's your current LSS?

Ciao! ^_~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Games!!!

My gamer side has suddenly awakened when I saw the new games uploaded LOL. Here are 3 that grabbed my interest.

Apache Overkill, is cute. First glance, it reminded me of Metal Slug.

Young Thor, not that cute but I think I will like and enjoy this game

Last but not the least, Zenonia... when I searched Google, I was like, "hoah, it's Cloud Strife" LOL

Currently, I haven't been playing any game... so it's time to get back with this 3 cool games :) I think I'll play Apache Overkill first ;)

Credits to Gee Gee Baby for sending me the stuffs.

PSPISO for all my PSPGames need ;)


SEARCH Apache Overkill.iso CSO Rar 7z patched patch 5.00 m33-6 mediafire megaupload rapidshare hotfile
SEARCH Zenonia.iso CSO Rar 7z patched patch 5.00 m33-6 mediafire megaupload rapidshare hotfile
SEARCH Young Thor.iso CSO Rar 7z patched patch 5.00 m33-6 mediafire megaupload rapidshare hotfile

New Year Foods =)

Okay, I know this is late XD but i'd like to share our New Year foods :)

Fish (Tilapia)

Afritada (well i'm confused if this is caldereta oh well XD)

Quial Eggs

Bread with Corned Tuna and cheese

Majin Boo? Just kidding it's gelatin XD

Our drinks, 2Liter Mountain Dew (2) and 1 Pepsi

That's it for our New Year foods =) I really love New Year celebration... IMO, it's the best holiday ever! XD everyone's awake and you can listen to the songs to the highest volume :D


SEARCH english ng tilapia
New Year 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011


First post of the year! The image is our fruits for New Year ^__^

Originally, I planned posting on January 1st, but darn, all computer shops were full (Oh yeah I know everyone's loaded that day LOL).

I "deleted" Utada stuffs on my cellphone and PSP (but its all in my computer LOL)
Some say I'll last for only a minute, some it'll be for 2 weeks, some even say I can't do that XD.

I loaded my cellphone/PSP with artists I only know a song or two. BAAD, Ryohei, MFlo, Olivia Lufkin, Bamboo, Mai Kuraki, Kiroro, B'z, Azu, Fushigi Yuugi songs and many more. Wow, they are all amazing :) Most played were BAAD and Fushigi Yuugi :)
On a special note, BoA's discography is on my phone ;) Woot yeah! I'm really loving BoA's ballads! Kimi no Tonari de, First Snow, Winter Love, Love Letter, Everlasting, Jewel Song to name a few ;) I'm addicted to the live rendition of the said songs :)

January 3rd, I was struck by a tonsillitis accompanied by damn flu. I had burning fever which I thought would kill me... I wasn't able to go to work. Fruits and more fruits to eat since my throat was very sensitive and hurting. Today, I reported back to work. My officemates said I lost weight and I look weak -and still cute- XD


January 6th, I was feeling okay. I checked the computer shop and managed to rent an hour. Checked "My Documents" and I saw Utada's "This is the One" downloaded hahahaha. It was a blessing ^___^ It's there!!!! A Treasure!!! Of course I listened to it... "This One (Crying Like A Child)", "Come Back to Me" and the rest sounded new to me... Ohh I missed Hikaru so much. It made me feel better! *angel* Oh well, that ended my challenge XD

*drum roll*

I lasted only 4 days without Hikaru...and during those 4 days, her songs were all in my head!!! XD

Currently, Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Tour is loaded on my PSP ;)
My 2gig phone is full so I only have to pick the best Hikki songs for me.




I'm looking forward for March! A lot of PSP games will be released namely God Eater Burst, Dissidia Duodecim, Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday yeahhh!!! So many games to play by March XD


dissidia duodecim.iso working patched 5.00 m33-6 mediafire hotfile megaupload
God Eater Burst.iso working patched 5.00 m33-6 mediafire hotfile megaupload
Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday.iso working patched 5.00 m33-6 mediafire hotfile megaupload