Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Foods =)

Okay, I know this is late XD but i'd like to share our New Year foods :)

Fish (Tilapia)

Afritada (well i'm confused if this is caldereta oh well XD)

Quial Eggs

Bread with Corned Tuna and cheese

Majin Boo? Just kidding it's gelatin XD

Our drinks, 2Liter Mountain Dew (2) and 1 Pepsi

That's it for our New Year foods =) I really love New Year celebration... IMO, it's the best holiday ever! XD everyone's awake and you can listen to the songs to the highest volume :D


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New Year 2011


Randolf said...

omg. you ate majin boo! XD

Raul said...

yeah.. the whole planet is afraid of him... yet I ate him XD