Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NEW Utada Hikaru Youtube Channels by Me :D

Yow! What's up? :)

I haven't updated my blog for so long T__T Sorry kinda busy with my PSP :D I'll post some of the games I finished some time ;)

btw I posted here to let you know of my new youtube channels :D
this is my main channel now ;) It contains Utada Hikaru's combined perfs (eg : First Love @ MTV Unplugged + First Love @ Utada United) so that's twice the fun lol
this channel contains Utada Hikaru related songs (eg : Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra and Utada Hikaru's version) ;) It also contains the songs she never performed live (i will upload some time cause my flashdisk is not with me lol) XD
this was done during her In the Flesh Tour however; it was hit by RIAJ but it's still alive :D

See ya Utada Hikaru fans :) I love you all :D