Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye bye 2010, Hello 2011 =)

Are you ready to leave 2010? Regrets?

As of this writing, less than 33 hours and it's a brand new year :) How was your 2010?

First of all, I would like to thank God for blessing me more than what I wish for. My family and friends of course, for their never ending support. 2010 has been a good year for me *hugs*

I'd like to highlight some of the things that I liked this year :)


Shout-out to my BoAjjang Philippines family: Lara, Leni, Aki, Rox, Vikki, Avii, Randolf, Dom, Carlo, and Mike.

Shout-out to Ryan, Daphne, Dani, Yabisi, Julian, Ming, AJ, Kevin, Sylfi and the rest of BoAjjang Forums :)

Shout-out to Kins, lesenfantesteribles, Atsi, Daemon, Mike and the rest of the peeps from anime community!

of course, to my Utada Hikaru BFFs: Nini, Akiko, Jules, Donald, Naz, Nazrin, Samantha, Mayu, soulhunter and the rest of Utadanet.

last but not the least, the legendary budonkadonk, Nakiatala and PabloRiv for sharing Utada Hikaru goodies!!! :D Kiwi-Musume and Meg-chan and the countless translators, thanks alot. Without you guys Raul-kun Fansubs won't exist :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!! ~this is from the bottom of my heart~

Of course, most are Utada Hikaru related XD. Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Concert subtitled was one of my notable works this year LOL


Utada Hikaru blasted us with In the Flesh Tour (USA/London), Single Collection Volume 2 (it's out here in Philippines too) and Wild Life Tour which was shown live streaming (I watched it YES!). On the other hand, she'll be taking an indefinite hiatus. I dare challenge myself not to listen to her beginning 2011 :) (but will listen to her on special occasions hahaha) Reader, you won't beat me when it comes to Hikaru ;)

BoA had Identity album as well as the Identity Tour. She as well had the BoA The Live Xmas 2010. (YES I'm only a fan of BoA's Japanese work). BoA is currently my #2 favorite Japanese singer.

Yuna Ito Love : Single's Best for 2010. I wish Yuna could be on tour as well.

Bon Jovi Woot woot! Bon Jovi is a musician that my father liked so I inherited that. Blasting Greatest Hits and world wide tour. Still amazing!~

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns, though none of the album's songs are growing in me. LP is still active touring :)

Rage Against the Machine nice to see them again live on tour! I hope they'll visit Philippines too or record a new album :)

That's it for my favorite artists.


Dissidia Final Fantasy hell yeah Squall user here ;) I tried my best to be good with that game haha.

Crash Bandicoot Games Yeps, the PSX games and the PSP released ones. I beat them! :D

My gamer side is not that active this year :D


Fushigi Yuugi currently my number 1 anime for this year :) It's nice to get back to the old days.

Naruto Shippuuden Still following Naruto ;) I'm updated with the manga as well ^^

Natsu no Arashi, Peace Maker Kurogane, Ninja Nonsense, Fushigi Yuugi OVA, Brave Story are some of the animes I've watched this year.

I again failed to have a girlfriend this year... Still single since birth... This is the part of my life where there's no progress, SERIOUSLY... Oh well, come on, let's skip this LOL.

I've been with the company for 3 years. To my surprise, I was given the "Support of the Year" award which is such a great honor and currently my most prized award so far. I plan on working abroad next year so hopefully I can manage to survive.

That's all I can think of XD

Thanks God for blessing me! This is more than I can hope for, SERIOUSLY ^___^

Happy New Year everyone! Let's end 2010 with a great smile and face 2011 positively :) Have a good one!



Anonymous said...

Funny I found someone who shares the same interests as mine, well at least for being an Utada and BoA fan. I love them both, and also Yuna Ito. ^^

Thank you for sharing Utada's Wild Life concert on Youtube, I've been looking for it. I was sad I missed the live streaming (at least watch her perform before she goes on hiatus) but I'm happy you uploaded the videos. Yay! Arigato gozaimasu!

I really wish that someday she'll perform here in the Philippines too. Utada fans unite! Happy New Year! :)

I'm enjoying the videos now! ^^

Teng Cheah said...

to raul-kun

really appreciate the sub that you did for hikki's wild life concert.

the lyrics that u subbed really touched my soul and is 100x times better than those english translations out there.

do you mind sharing it in text for a hikki fan ? =)


Raul-kun said...


hey there! wow we do share the same interest in JPOP! XD

I'm so honored you like my work :) Glad I could help! Well I have a BoA/Yuna Ito channel too ;)

See ya around!

Raul said...


thanks for appreciating my work ^__^

there you'll find the translations I used for subbing ;)


Teng Cheah said...

thanks for the link

Skull said...

Yo ^_^ it's been awhile since my old account..too bad i can't access it no's the new year and I should probably change to something new as well.

Anyways talk to you later ^^

Raul said...

Skull yeah! I got you a shoutout on my post XD
see ya later ;)