Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Song Syndrome?

Also known as LSS, its a syndrome where you can't stop listening to a particular song. It's all in your head, crunching every word the song has... writing the lyrics on a piece of paper... it's addicting LOL

My current LSS is "BLUE" by Utada Hikaru (see the connection with the image above XD). I was really happy to hear a never-before-performed-live Hikaru song during Wild Life Tour. Currently, its my number one track for Wild Life Tour and as of this writing, it's on repeat (though it's the album version).

Let me take you back to 2003, when I first heard Hikari/Simple and Clean. Way back then, it's the only Hikaru song I know and my friend owns a music player and I included it in his playlist. Our teacher was teaching and the darn LSS took over me. I put the volume on the lowest level so I can hear it while the teacher was discussing XD (DO NOT BE LIKE ME HAHA) Oh well, I was caught XD.

Then I learned about the "FIRST LOVE" album. "Time Will Tell" was the most played track there competing with "First Love" song. It's either my classmates would call me "Time Will Tell" or "Mr. First Love"......... Nostalgia ^_^

What's your current LSS?

Ciao! ^_~


megumi-yume05 said...

First Love was the first song I heard from Utada, I heard it on the local radio back in err... 2004? (can't remember) That time, i only knew Utada by name but not her music... I kept listening to that radio station just to hear it again, good thing my sister knew about the song and from there.. an Utada fan was born. Haha! I guess the second song I heard from her was Simple and Clean then Hikari.

I also love Time Will Tell, pretty catchy, I even sing it in the shower.. XD I couldn't tell exactly but I believe I've had over a hundred play counts with Utada's music.

Raul said...

wow, mine was the other way around :) First song was Hikari/Simple and Clean and next was First Love album :D

=) btw you on facebook? I'm Raul Lionheart XDD

Brian Farey said...

In this period, Hayatochiri. Two weeks ago, Parody. One month ago, Show me love. In the future? Who knows!

Raul said...

Brian : haha me still on Wild Life tour :D