Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SERIOUSLY: New Year's Resolution

Woot woot! I'm missing Bohemian Summer! XD Well, the post is not about it though =)
The post is about my New Year's Resolution that I really have to take SERIOUSLY. :D Enumerate!

Less fast foods
- Last December, my mother went to our province and during that time, I eat at fast foods twice a day for more than a week. My fart even smelled chicken fillet! XD

More Exercises
- I've been exercising since last year and was stopped during December due to work/parties/laziness haha. Now I have to do exercises 7 times a day... and if possible 2 sessions per day :D

More sleep
- There are times when I can't meet the 8hours a day sleep, but yeah, Ima prioritize it XD

Eat Vegetables
- This is a miracle LOL Well I have to eat more vegetables... so far I can eat string beans and monggo XD

Be more outgoing
- I've declined a lot of invitations last year... This time I have to do my best to come and join =)

Save More!
- We're growing old (yes I look teen I know) and we have to save something for the future (I ain't getting married yet, just preparing XD)

More Utada Hikaru
- I dared myself... and I failed LOL. So yeah addiction is better than killing myself XD

That's all I can think for now XD

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