Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Junko : Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Guitarist

The topic for today, Junko-san, Utada Hikaru's Wild Life Tour guitarist ;)

It seems BhiveGirl and I are getting attached to Hikaru's band members XD
We followed her on twitter and thinks she's an awesome guitarist :D

So far, she never replied to me on twitter (as well as Hikaru LOL)

Enjoy the video ;) Junko has a solo guitar part :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Raul, been following your channels in youtube for a while but it seems that most of your channel was terminated due to copyright issue, can i humbly ask you to upload them again or post the translated lyrics here on blogspot, i really love them, please, tnx!

Raul said...

Hi Anonymous!~

im working on uploading the ones I converted for PSP :)

will that do? i dont have much resources that's why only small files are uploaded :)