Friday, May 11, 2012

Is this goodbye?


I would like to thank you for all the support you've given me all throughout the years!

I am very happy to say that this fansub hobby of mine was very fruitful. I've known a lot of amazing JPOP Fans around the globe! I've even made real life friends because of my love of JPOP mainly for Utada Hikaru, BoA, Kana Nishino and Yuna Ito.

Given the fact that I have very limited resources (netbook and a slow internet connection), I won't be able to update this blog for now.

So I guess I'll see you on Facebook then. There I continue to upload the fansubs and I think it would be easy to share/like/talk about the videos.

~from the bottom of my heart~

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Anna inspi' NANA - Rose ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Rose is Anna Tsuchiya's 3rd single and was used as the opening song for the anime NANA.

The song is about someone who badly wants the love back... wants to stop hurting...

During the NANA days, way back 2007, I listened to this song a lot. One of my "wake me up" songs when I work during the night shift.

Check out the video and enjoy!


~Stop this love of mine that's tearing me up!~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Meg-chan for the translation  
Lisa-chan for the raw file
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Yuna Ito - Trust You ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Trust You is Yuna Ito's 13th single and was also used as an ending song for the anime Gundam 00.

With all honesty, I haven't been a fan of this song until this post! I now embrace the song wholeheartedly.
I should say Yuna is very pretty here =) specially towards the end with the planets on background.

Check out the video and enjoy!


~I'm waiting for your love... I love you, I trust you!~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Meg-chan for the translation  
Kiyoko for the raw file

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Koda Kumi - Real Emotion ~Final Fantasy X2~ ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Real Emotion is the opening song of Final Fantasy X-2 and was sung by Koda Kumi.

This song takes me back to the PS2 era. Now that I remember, I haven't finished X2 yet :(
Way back then we click "New Game" just to see the intro video, reset and then repeat the process :P

One reason why I really like Real Emotion is because of the lead guitar ;) I wish Koda Kumi would perform this song with a band.

Show your love for Songstress Yuna!


~When you close your eyes I'm there...!~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Mognet for the translation  
FF Spirit for the raw file


Koda Kumi Real Emotion mp3
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ikimono-gakari - Blue Bird (Yokohama Arena) ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Blue Bird is one of Naruto Shippuuden's opening songs performed by Ikimonogakari.

The one I uploaded on youtube garnered a lot of views, unfortunately, it was removed :(
Someone requested for it to be uploaded so here ya go ;) Sorry it took me so long.

I know the intro is very long but it added a lot of awesomeness to the song :P


~I knew I'd fall but still I'll keep chasing the light~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Kiwi Musume for the translation  
teppo for the raw file 
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kana Nishino - Watashitachi PV / Music Video

Music video for Watashitachi, Kana Nishino's latest single is out!

In my honest opinion, the PV is quite boring -_-

Check it out and see if you'll agree with me.

Credits to wonderful-life1989 for uploading the video.

〔P✔〕 |{ /-\ |\| /-\ |\| ¡ $ |-| ¡ |\| ()... by wonderful-life1989


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Utada Hikaru - Sakura Drops [Utaban] ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Sakura Drops is Utada Hikaru's 11th single. The song has one of the most beautiful music video ever!

I remember the first time I heard this song, I was like brought into another dimension. Instrumental for the song is very unique, to me it is magical.

Hikaru is very young here and the stage reminds me of Pain's place. (from Naruto)



~I hope that this was the last heartbreak...~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Kiwi Musume / Meg-chan for the translation  
Nakiatala / PabloRiv for the raw file 
Utada Hikaru Sakura Drops mp3
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Kana Nishino - Together (Mezamashi Live 2011) ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Together is the 4th track on Kana Nishino's Thank You, Love album.

The song's message is very simple and it's about togetherness. (obviously LOL)

Check out Kana Nishino's performance.



~Let's stay together...~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Kiwi Musume / Meg-chan for the translation  
Lady Rinoa for the raw file 
Kana Nishino Together mp3
Kana Nishino Together music video
Kana Nishino Together PV
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BoA - Outgrow ~Ready Butterfly~ [Made in Twenty Tour] ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Outgrow ~Ready Butterfly~ is the 4th track on BoA's Outgrow album.

I admit I didn't like this song before, I was like "What's with BoA's voice?" LOL

After watching Made in Twenty tour for the second time, the song got me. I enjoyed every part of the performance specially when BoA did the flying move XD Now, there are times when I crave for the song and listen to it on repeat :)



~I’ll fly to your sky. I am ready~ 

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Kiwi Musume / Meg-chan for the translation  
Lady Rinoa for the raw file 
BoA Outgrow Ready Butterfly mp3
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