Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Hikaru!

It's Utada Hikaru's birthday today ;)
There are so many things I want to say but that's all that fitted XD

Anyways, I took a day off at work and now I'm treating myself with Utada Hikaru's music and videos =)

Bought a cake, drinks and fruits XD Well this is my 3rd year celebrating Hikaru's birthday :) I'm just finding a way to have more fun and I think celebrating Hikki's birthday would be perfect since I've never been so inspired by an artist. I still have 7 months for my birthday LOL so it's good to celebrate xDD

Hi Nini! XD

Can you understand me? ~Utada Hikaru / Sangurasu~


g3baby2 said...

RAAAAAAAAAWR! hi bossing! :]
let's see.. on Hikki's bday Japan time.. it was my pers day of school 2nd sem.. introduced myself in Japanese class.. so glad i have my friends in that class!! URESHII desu ^^ BIO class is HUGE! the atmosphere was heavy there that i started to feel a massive headache.. got home 5:30pm.. went to sleep at 6pm, woke up 11:30pm for dinner.. went back to sleep.. sigh~ darling darling AH! xD

Raul said...


hi there :)
Uwahhh glad you're in the same class with your friends :)

I miss schooling already :(

oh yeah that's why we did not chat XD

Hi I'm ROY said...

I like Utada Hikaro, I know his song titled "Sakura" till now i still memorized the song. Great post!

Raul said...

Roy :

you mean Sakura Drops ;) it's a nice song :D

thanks so much for dropping by ;)