Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I want you!

I want you!!! I really really want you!!!

My current desire is an External Hard Disk 1.5TB WD Elements 3.5" Price is P4350. It's still kinda expensive for me LOL Way back when I still don't have a computer, I bought a 250GB Hard Disk for P4000. Now a 1.5TB for P4000 is kinda expensive XD

I'm sick and tired of getting stuffs from a 4GB DVDR. It's a hassle finding the DVD so I badly need an external hard disk. I need to compile the Utada Hikaru goodies jk jk jk :D

If you want to buy computer peripherals, Gilmore is your friend. Prices there are way low compared to the mall prices. ;)

I suggest checking out Gaisano Interpace and PC Options.

Gaisano Interpace has a website and updated pricelist. Check for more information.



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Randolf said...

Raul. i have that 1.5 terabyte western digital external hard disk! :D


Raul said...

nice randolf :)

pamana mo na sa akin :D