Sunday, February 26, 2012

The World's Greatest Dad

That is my favorite tshirt. When I first saw it, I definitely knew I was going to buy it. I'm single and doesn't have a baby yet but I think the tshirt is cool and that's why I set it as a goal to become one =)

It all started when this baby from the neighborhood thought I was her father =)
She calls me "Papa" aww how cute ;) So yeah, whenever I wear that shirt, I get a lot of attention. With my childlike looks and a shirt that says World's Greatest Dad, kinda contradicting XD

When our CEO visited the office, I was wearing that shirt and he asked me how many kids I have. I said I don't have one and he replied: "Come on, you won't get chicks that way. You should wear ones that says 'I'm single'."

Being the stick-to-one type, I think I'm good enough with that shirt ;)


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