Sunday, February 26, 2012

Utada Hikaru - Addicted to You (Utada United 2006) ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Addicted to You is Utada Hikaru's 4th single. It is Utada Hikaru's most successful single with over 1.7 million sales!

The song is about a rough-sailing relationship. It is really hard when you miss someone and can't see them right away :(

This live performance is amazing. Hikaru, the stage, the band - specially Kon-san with his guitar riffs, it is PERFECT!

Enjoy the video!


[A BIT OF RANT: If "First Love" was chosen as a single (not a re-cut single) for First Love album, it could've been the highest single of all time in Japanese music history. That is what I assume :) Would you agree?

~I miss you every day...
What should I do about the way I feel?~

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading
Kiwi Musume / Meg-chan for the translation
Nakiatala / PabloRiv for the raw file

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Paolo said...

Hey Raul! Thanks for the wonderful subs!

I'm just wondering if you can share Hikki's Budokan 2004 concert...the link in your previous post is dead (obviously). Do you mind reuploading it? I've been looking for it forever and I can't find it anywhere. You're my only hope bro! Salamat!

sho_Opao said...

It's me that commented about Budokan...if you need my email or anything, just tell me. Thanks :)

sho_Opao said...

I don't know if you got my previous comment because Google required me to sign it, but I'm just gonna repeat what I said.

Thanks for the awesome subs...really helps us Western audience :)

I have a favour to ask though, do you still have Hikki's Budokan 2004 concert? The link in your previous blog post is dead (obviously lol) and I was wondering if you can reupload it again somewhere so I can download it? I've tried looking for it everywhere and i can't find any so you're my only hope! Thanks a lot! Salamat!

Raul said...


thanks for likin' my works. First of all, sorry for the late reply, been busy with life outside fandom LOL

honestly, i have a very bad internet connection so I doubt I can upload it -_-

sho_Opao said...

arg that's really unfortunate. That's the only one missing from my "collection"...:(

Still, I'll be waiting if you have a better internet connection. Keep doing what you do bro!

Raul said...


yeah. i just rent and sometimes load my smartbro LOL

Me and my buddies are exchanging Jpop files. So if you're in Manila, I can give you the concert tours you want :)

sho_Opao said...

aw shucks.
sadly, im in canada :(
damnit i really want that budokan concert...if u find a link where i can download please tell me, thanks a lot :)

Raul said...

wow you're in Canada.. amazing!

i tried searching for links but they're all dead :( Megaupload.

sorry T__T

sho_Opao said...

yeah, i tried searching for them too, thats why i said ur my only hope ahah...if only i can give you my internet connection so u can upload it! arg! Thanks anyway :)