Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Playstation Portable -PSP-

2 years ago, I bought my PSP. It took me like a year to save money for it ;) That makes it really special to me.

The first game I played was "Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core". Finished some few more games (i posted em on FB) and now I actually don't have anything to play ATM LOL. The loaded games on my PSP are for some quick play. My PSP is mostly used for watching Utada Hikaru performances XD, animes, concerts. I rarely watch movies on PSP.

My PSP details:

Model : PSP 1000 (the phat)
Memory Stick : 4GB only T__T [2GIG Utada Hikaru videos / 1GIG Music / 500MB games / 500MB free space]
CFW : 5.00 M33-6
Games Loaded : Need for Speed Most Wanted / Final Fantasy I



SEARCH : PSP games Need for Speed Most Wanted / Final Fantasy I / Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 ISO Final Fantasy Dissidia 2 ISO

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