Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Thoughts : Utada Hikaru Wild Life Concert

Below are my thoughts :)

Kuma Intro
Cute Kuma introduction! ^_^ i really like the part when SHE's sweating and pressing buttons XD

Goodbye Happiness
With all honesty, this performance is kinda "boring" Hikki should've shown her dancing skills here (like she did in the PV) There could've been more surprise from this performance :(

YEah!!! very much like the Utada United performance but the adlib "Yokohama Arena" made me feel like I'm watching it live from the arena LOL

Take 5
First time being performed live, Take 5 grew more on me... The performance is okay here IMO.

Prisoner of Love
Woot woot! I'm a prisoner of love! I love this song! too bad the video got error toward the ending of the song T__T

Colors & Letters
Again, with all honesty, her performance here is weak :( I love the new arrangements for letters though ;)

Hymn a Lamour
This is one of my "least listened Utada Hikaru songs". I did not like the live performance here cause I'm missing the awesome jazz interlude ;)

Sakura Drops
In the Flesh version started this version and was used here at Wild Life tour as well. I'm just not a big fan of acoustic/piano so I did not enjoy this much

Eclipse Interlude
This is awesome ^_^ Interlude being performed live while Hikki changes costume. Keyboardists and manipulator on solos :)


*Hikki changes costume*

This one was performed like that of Utada United. What I love most here is the added part "My hearts a battle ground" with badass instrumentals yeah!!! The guitarist here did a good job <3

First time being performed live! Many people did like this performance and I'm one of them :) I'm not that big fan of this song but now, it's one of my most played Utada Hikaru song ;)

Show Me Love
My #1 track from her new songs, the live version is awesome! It satisfied my fandom LOL

Stay Gold
Same as In the Flesh Tour performance....

Boku wa Kuma
BONJOUR!!!!!!!!!!! My 2year old niece rushed to me as soon as she heard the intro of this song :) The performance was relaxing like a lullaby :D

The debut single Automatic was performed like that of Utada United as well :)

First Love
My #1 Utada Hikaru song! I nearly died when I heard the intro LOL This one was like that of In the Flesh Tour where Hikaru is singing while playing the piano...

Flavor of Life
Wohh! reminds me of the music video where strings are the main instruments

Beautiful World
one of the most notable performance in Wild Life tour IMO. I love how Hikki rocked this song!

Kingdom Hearts song! My first Utada Hikaru song. Same as the Utada United performance, keyboard's effects made this performance cool :D

Nijiiro Basu
IMO, this one is like "Beautiful World" Hikki rocked this song too! <3

*ENCORE Hikki changes costume*

Across the Universe (the Beatles Cover)
I'm not a fan of this song and honestly, this song still not growing in me... :( My friend enjoyed this though when I showed him LOL

Can't Wait Till Christmas
Ayiiiii this one is one my favorite songs from Wild Life Tour... I think the costume for this song should be more of the "Christmas" feel. Or just the stage. They should've put more Christmas feel to it ;)

Time Will Tell
I did not expect this to be the last song for Wild Life... really very unexpected XD What I love most about the performance here is the guitar towards the end ;) (The alternative for B&C -from Budokan- eh??)


Utada Hikaru
The Goddess of Japanese music (will u agree?) Beautiful as ever! Her voice is kinda hmmm what's the right word for this...? She's having hard time singing (IMO). I love it when she looks teary (and i was expecting her to cry LOL but well she did not)

The Stage
A combination of all her previous stages???? The colorful floor which was from Utada United, the upper lights from Bohemian Summer... The big screen from In the Flesh Tour.... the 2 iron pillars from Budokan? Well that's what I think... Overall, the stage is awesome.

The Band
The only one I can recognize is the keyboardist/band master. I miss Kon-san (the lead guitarist from Budokan and Utada United), Taku-san (the percussionist from MTV Unplugged, Budokan, In the Flesh and Utada United) as well as Mori-san (the drummer from Utada United). Every band member played great... My favorite is Junko-san, the lead guitarist :)

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