Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Samsung GT E2120

My phone is Samsung GT E2120. I'm not a big fan of cellphones and originally planned to buy the phone that I lost: Samsung B130 which is a plain colored phone. I showed my GT E2120 to my friend who is a cellphone technician and he said that the model is hella crappy... After a few weeks, it won't start up. I took it to the Samsung Tech Center and noticed that alot of people who purchased GT E2120 got the same problem. The cellphone won't start and even if you have full battery. 2 weeks after, I claimed my fixed phone and as of now its working fine.

My favorite Samsung GT E2120 feature is the mp3 player :P I have 2GB SD card which holds my Utada Hikaru discography XD

My current playlist below:

Utada Hikaru (yes, the discography LOL)
Hikaru live (Utada Hikaru live in concert)
Anime (anime songs)
Beat of Angel (BoA Kwon is my #2 favorite Japanese singer)
Rock (Linkin Park, Nickelback, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine and more)
Oldie (Bon Jovi, Air Supply, some duets)
English (English pop, ballad)
APOP (the boybands :D)
OPM (yeah!!! Original Filipino music: Eraserheads,Gloc 9, Moonstar 88, Rivermaya, Bamboo and more)



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