Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Greatest Challenge for a Super Utada Hikaru fan!

Since Utada Hikaru will be on an indefinite hiatus, I will challenge myself NOT TO LISTEN TO UTADA HIKARU beginning January 2, 2011.

If you wanna know how addicted I am to Hikki here are some clues LOL

- I have her discography on my PC and phone
- I subtitled almost all of her live performance (and thus the birth of this blog)
- I listen to her everyday. PC loud speaker and Cellphone going to work and going home (2 hours each)
- I listen to her ballad before going to sleep
- Every Utada Hikaru song is special to me
- I maintain the Utada Hikaru thread on a BoA forum
- My 4GB PSP is full of Utada Hikaru videos (only 1 or 2 games loaded)
- I send group text messages, mostly lines from her songs
- I'm inspired by her
- My coffee mug says "I love Hikki"
- My slippers-keychain says "Utada Hikaru"
- I'm proud that I'm a big fan and because of that I meet great people (shoutout to Nini and Akiko) and many more to come.

So my challenge to myself: NOT TO LISTEN TO UTADA HIKARU indefinitely.. I'll just listen to her during special days (her birthday or my birthday or when someone is listening i'll listen too LOL)

How long will I last?


Randolf said...

How long will I last?
- maybe a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

hey raul-kun
being following your youtube videos for about a year already!! thx for all the subs so far

Raul said...

Randolf : hahahaha we'll see about that ;) January 2, 2011. ;)

Anonymous : hey thanks for your support! ;) watch out for more stuffs from me :D

Anonymous said...

Very late on this, but I could NOT survive doing that. 3/4 of my iPod is full of her music.... Anyway, I love your subs! :)