Saturday, November 19, 2011

Utada Hikaru Philippines

I invite every single Utada Hikaru Filipino fans to please join us in our facebook page. Click >>> Utada Hikaru Philippines

Last Sunday, November 13, 2011 was JPOP Festival Kick Off Party! The first JPOP event in our country. My dear friend and co-admin Lara sent a an email to the team but did not receive acknowledgment whatsoever so we did not expect Utada Hikaru Philippines to be in the participating fans club.

When we arrived at the event, Utada Hikaru Philippines is second on the list. I signed it and got a free pass. My heart was beating fast!

During the event, there's a lot of boyband fans and they dominated the crowd lol They showed JPOP music videos and live performances on a projector big enough for everyone to enjoy. Utada Hikaru's Final Distance was shown (GOOSEBUMPS!). Then, there was a contestant in the JPOP singing contest that performed Flavor of Life (Ms, i should've known you! XD) Lastly, we requested Prisoner of Love music video ;) I still remember the crowd when the video was shown.... THEY WERE AWESOME!!!

:astly, the representative of the fan clubs were called on stage and were asked to say something about their artist... SHAME ON ME THOUGH... i just said "Utada Hikaru is currently not on the music scene right now but let's all wait for her" I was so nervous I was even stuttering -_- I then promoted the page.

It was such an awesome night and of course, we'll be attending the main JPOP Festival on January :)

Again, Utada Hikaru Filipino fans, come join us and let's build a great Utada Hikaru fans club!

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