Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kana Nishino : Ranks #3 on Raul-kun's Favorite Artist!

I was watching Naruto Shippuden's Lost Tower movie and at the end of the movie, a song caught my attention... I rushed and made my research, the song was called IF by Kana Nishino. I downloaded the song and I was craving for live performances of the song... and of course, translation so I can do the subtitles. I instantly fell in love with the song!

Fast forward, I was also looking for Wise's songs and I was so glad to know he collaborated with Kana Nishino on the single By Your Side which I as well love! (I posted the video here on my blog too LOL)

I grabbed her Thank You Love album (where IF is also included) and the first song that caught me is "I'll Be There" followed by "Kimitte" Those 3 songs are my top Kana Nishino songs.

I am a new Kana Nishino fan and so far, my favorite album is Thank You Love. Thanks to my friend Lady Rinoa for giving me her Kanayan Tour video. I'll sub every song there :) (as long as there's translation XD) I'll also do a review on her Kanayan Tour and hopefully all her albums :D

Looking forward to hear more of her songs and of course, live tours!

I love the simplicity and positive vibes of Kana Nishino's lyrics. One can easily relate and the music is also cool, rnb, pop, ballad :) I love her! My fandom reached the level of wanting to know everything about Kana Nishino, info, every single song, tie ins, commercials, EVERYTHING! XD

Raul-kun's Top 3 Artist:

#1 Utada Hikaru
#2 BoA
#3 Kana Nishino

Most listened ATM:
Kana Nishino

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