Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Take me back to those times...

Today, I woke up with the desire to listen to Final Fantasy songs... It's like I was being called by my Final Fantasy craze which started way back 2001 :)

My playlist upon waking up at 1AM:

Faye Wong - Eyes on Me
Emiko Shiratori - Melodies of Life
Rikki - Suteki da ne
Koda Kumi / Jade - Thousand Words
Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean

It makes me look back to those days when I research about the artist. Because of that I got into Hikaru and my JPOP fandom started :D

Below is a video of Faye Wong's Eyes on Me... is Faye crying?
Check it out :)

Credits: lionriver


Fansubs ready for uploading:

BoA - Valenti -Best & USA Version- (a-nation 2010)
Koda Kumi - Sen no Kotoba [Secret~first class limited~]
Kana Nishino - Together (Kanayan Tour 2011)
Kana Nishino - Tatoe Donna Ni... (Kanayan Tour 2011)

Watch out for it :D

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