Friday, November 25, 2011

Raul-kun is not feeling well....

Urgh! *Achooo*

Been busy with work and stuffs.... I got sick. Good thing I have the weekend as my rest day so I can rest. I hope to get well by tomorrow so I can be on my 100% on my Monday shift. I'm taking medicine and fruits. *sniff*

I've been doing Kana Nishino's Kanayan Tour subs ;) So watch out for it.
So far I'm done subbing:

Best Friend
Together (translation check)

I just need to encode em and upload :) I wish my netbook is a bit faster though... One video takes almost half an hour to encode... Sometimes, I even re-encode because the subs are not displaying properly (adjusting font size) .Oh well, netbook is all I have so yeah....

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