Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Raul-kun's Holiday!

Yey! It's a holiday today here in the Philippines...

No work today, i mean tonight, since I'm working on a nightshift...

I bought loads of fruits since I'm still not on my 100% health recovery... Clogged nose and teary eyes T__T

Goal for today : a damn hair cut....... and loads of sleep :)

Fansubs lineup:

Kana Nishino - Together / Tatoe Donna Ni...
Koda Kumi - Real Emotion / Sen no Kotoba (YES, Yuna songs!)
Namie Amuro - Wishing on a Same Star

I will work on the fansubs later when I accomplish my goals XD The subs will be up this weekend so watch out for it ;)

I'm so excited for the release of Kana Nishino's Kanayan Tour DVD / Bluray hohoho I hope there will be more songs specially "I'll Be There". I really love that song ;)

Ima sleep for now... Ja!

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