Friday, November 12, 2010


If you're a fan of Utada Hikaru, for sure you know what I'm talking about... ;)

If you're not a fan, let me explain then XD. Kuma literally means "BEAR" (the animal). Utada Hikaru has a big teddy bear named "Kuma". She always talk about it (which made me jealous lol). There's also a song called "Boku wa Kuma" (I Am a Bear).

My 2 year old niece likes Kuma A LOT! Yes, A LOT! Whenever she sees me using my computer, she'd request "KUMA" which means I have to show her the music video of Boku wa Kuma. Whenever she sees a teddy bear, a bear on tv, a bear on everything... she calls it KUMA. Utada Hikaru, that's your influence XD

Anyways, here are some items that are KUMA XD

Kuma Pillow Case, I saw this on a sidewalk XD which I thought was cute.. I'm not using this. When I meet Hikaru I'll give her one as well as Nini Girl XD

This one is the Kuma Bank lol. This belongs to my niece.

Lastly, my chocolate-milk drink :) Kuma Brand LOL

I have a lot of teddy bears before but I gave them to my girl______friends LOL

I hope to find more KUMA items hihihihi.


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