Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodbye Happiness!!!

Long time no update ne?

Seems I'll be here on the blogger world again :D

so why did i update today? LOL the title says it's all ;) It's all about Goodbye Happiness :)

Watch it on Utada Hikaru's official youtube channel :)
Official Goodbye Happiness Music Video

The video sure is cool... something kiddy (puppets and of course KUMA) and danceable (as I see my 2 year old niece dance when I listen to the song on loud speakers) It reflects Utada Hikaru's previous music videos like Automatic, Travelling and Keep Tryin'. You can see Utada Hikaru's smile and happiness... Yeah the video put a great smile on my face =)

The disco ball thing is my favorite from the music video. When I have a room of my own, I'd definitely buy one disco ball and yeah partey partey lol...

My favorite line from the song : "Love me... love me... love me...!" yes, I need love LOL XD

I will be doing subs for the song so watch out for it ;)

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