Thursday, March 25, 2010

Raul's Inferno

Just finished the game “Dante’s Inferno” for PSP. My first time finishing a game of this genre and I dunno why I played this lol

The story is about Dante, a Crusader. She left her beloved Beatrice for the Crusade and promised to come back. Time passed, Dante came back and found Beatrice was already dead. Taken away by Lucifer to hell, Dante went to hell to save her.

I enjoyed playing the game, especially when obtaining a new magic/skill. It’s great to bash around hell using powers XD. My favorite of Dante’s magic would be “Lust” it gives him barrier and hits enemies close to him. His cross (originally from Beatrice) is damn powerful as well especially when upgraded. His scythe is badass and I prefer it more than a sword (which is common lol).

The stage is literally hell. Flames, pits, darkness, monsters and souls in despair burning in hell to name a few. So yeah, if you like Devil May Cry (oops, I never played that, just saw my friends play), you’ll love this too :D. Why is Dante the name given for Devil extinguisher? XD

You might think that the post title is not what I discussed? Hahaha, it’s because I’m in a damn big problem now…

People in need who I helped… helped me BUT in the end, I’ve realized they did not help me at all… instead they used me for their own greedy purpose.

Ok, that’s enough… Consider me not going to damn help or even talk to you thieves and hypocrites. You will all crawl. SOON!!!!!!!!!!

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