Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crash of the Titans

The second Crash Bandicoot game I finished (the first being Crash Team Racing)

Crash of the Titans

It's fun fun fun! 20 levels of fun. What I loved about this game is that Crash Bandicoot has this health bar. Compared to the previous Bandicoot adventure games, one mistake and you're dead. Here, when your health bar reaches zero, that means the end XD You still have your "lives" though so not yet game over :D

What I enjoyed the most here was capturing the mutants. After hitting them several times, you can use them to help you in your quest :) Each mutant has specialties like a long range shooter, an ice shooter that can freeze enemies, a rolling tiger that hits enemies etc etc. :)

If you have PSP, i recommend you play this game ^^

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