Thursday, April 1, 2010

Megaman Maverick Hunter, Zero4, Zero5, Megaman X6

Woot woot! Way back years when I was renting PS I played Megaman X4, X5, X6, with the cheat (Ultimate Armor) LOL XD and beat the hell out of Sigma!

This time, I loaded my PSP with Megaman games and tried playing without the cheat (except for Dark Zero <<< i prefer him black
coz its cool lol) XD.

Megaman Maverick Hunter, played the PSP version and done XD. nothing special here. Zero is not around LOL XDDD

X4, I played as the Dark Zero... I really like Zero. He's a bad-ass slasher and very challenging! His moves are cool (even the sound
of his sword), period. LOL "Hu ha hu!" when slashing "Yeah yeah!" are some of his expressions.

Annoying Sigma, I really had hard time beating the final Boss here.. It took me alot of time and tries lol xD. After hardwork, I
managed to defeat him using Zero ;).

X5, still Zero ^_^. I think this is the best Megaman X. I really enjoyed this one. Zero's even stronger with more abilities. X got
Falcon armor which can fly and the Gaia armor which can't die with spikes. I grabbed the Ultimate Armor the hard way hahaha, no cheat here XDDD.

X6, this time it's X with the Saber. Stages here are a bit annoying IMO... specially when it's "dark" -__-. There are injured Reploids you can save for items/1-up :D. X has 2 more armors here, Blade Armor which can dash any direction and has a stronger blade/saber. Shadow Armor is cool. It's like a Ninja X! It doesn't die with spikes but no other weapons besides the X-Buster and Giga Attack.

I did not use Zero to beat the game lol cause many of the heart tanks were grabbed by X... so his lifebar here is damn low. His moves are cooler!!! specially the ice move where he sticks in the ceiling <3 I hate the 2nd Gate stage here >_< It's a long spikey stage and the bosses are of special type so its a pain. Sigma here is useless
lol. He has a weakness and the things he create drops items (life/weapon supply) that can help you win easily.

My favorite would be X5, then X6, then X4, lastly Megaman Maverick Hunter lol XD
Also I'd like to thank for the awesome guides on how to grab the items (heart tanks/energy & weapon reserve) and AnimeWallpapers for the cool Zero image above


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