Saturday, December 17, 2011


Urgh, been a very very busy weekend @__@

I recently visited my "Friends" page on Facebook and I noticed that I have the so-called friends that I have never really interacted into chat or some exchange of comments LOL

My fault was, I confirmed friend requests that came from the same school that I went to, or company that I worked with -_- Now, it's a tiring task to unfriend em.

LOL it's time to clean my friend lists ;) Those who I know personally, family members/friends/close office mates/batch mates/online peeps and those who keep in touch will remain.

I was once labeled as "cold and unsocial" so I think it's time I get that title back *evil laugh*

I will upload later ;)

Scandal - Namida no Regret (live)
Kana Nishino - Distance (Our Music)
Rikki Nakano - Suteki dane (live)

Ja! Time to do the laundry!

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