Monday, April 6, 2009

In my world... there is only you....

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's my day off!!!! ^_^

I felt very productive yesterday :D

Played Megaman X4... start and now almost on the final stage already *gai pose*...

Subtitled Hikki's First Love @ Utada United perf for K n K's Fansubs

Watched Sex is Zero.... and the most important... a fanvid was born!

Sex is Zero is very funny… loads of laugh-out-loud moments… BUT… the story is quite “sad” too….

I used the song “My World” by SR-71. I felt that the song perfectly fits the guy’s point of view.

Let’s summarize:

Eunsik loves Eun-hyo but Eun-hyo likes another guy…. to make it worse, that another guy has another girl… get it?

In depth…

Eun-hyo and the guy slept together… and boom, the she got pregnant… Eun-hyo then confronted that guy. However, the guy was avoiding her… Finally, when they meet, he gave Eun-hyo a card to do abortion but the girl threw away that card in the guy’s face… (This is what I hate : abortion)

~Does he make you high? Does he make you real? Does he make you cry????~

Scared Eun-hyo then proceeded with the abortion… and Eun-sik was on her side; took care of her, guided her, made her laugh… did everything for the girl he loves.

~Your universe is full… but in my world, there is only you~

There was a contest and Eun-hyo still performed… after the performance, she then lost large amount of blood!!!! Eun-sik rushed him to the hospital, went back to the contest to see the guy with his other girl…Eun-sik’s emotion exploded and beated the hell out of the guy….

Eun-hyo finally recovered… and then, she picked Eun-sik as her boyfriend ^_^

The end of summary ^_^

Lesson: Do not make a girl fall if you don't intend to catch her... >_<
Many guys are pouring their feelings for a true love... if you have a girlfriend, stick with her xD...

Hope you enjoy!!!

Thanks to Leannie and GZ for grammar check ;)

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