Sunday, March 1, 2009

Utada - Come Back to Me Music Video


Yay! Utada Hikaru's PV is out now!



My comments?

The PV itself is good, I liked this one cause Utada beautiful (not SUPER BEAUTIFUL compared to her Japanese music videos XD). The background and her dresses are so fashionable and elegant.

The guy? LOL... it's like he's a statue T__T. If it's me who directed the video, i'd show the flashbacks like they were dating etc. ;) instead of just staring at Utada while she's singing...

Utada is beautiful in the PV, but for some of the scenes I think of other person when seeing her in the video.

It's Heart Evangelista from Philippines....

Comments? Feel free to share ^_^


Zvx said...

She is pretty there! but a little dull though......should have had more movement :P

port87 said...

heres one w/ better quality and sub. well i subbed it, IDK Y, I guess I was bored.

port87 said...

whoops wrong link

raulxhikki said...

Hi there port87!!! Tnx for that... I'll download it ;)