Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Minerva is defeated....

Yay! I defeated Minerva, the strongest enemy from Crisis Core ^_^

When I first entered the first, in an instant, I was KOed by her Photon Feathers LOL...

I've tried and tried... however, she's hella strong! *hides*

I've searched for guides to defeat her and thanks to Absolute Steve for providing those =)

After alot of preparation, finally, I emerged as the winner hehehe ^_^

This is Minerva (Credits to for the image)

Now, I finally deleted Crisis Core in my PSP.... Currently, my PSP contains:

I love this game. The race is quite smooth... not packed with hell powerups and the like ^_^ It's like I'm travelin' hehehe

Another one is...

This is my first time playing MSG XD ^_^ I hope I can get used to it fast XD

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