Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sayonara Zack Fair

Tuesday, March 10 Manila Standard Time, I've finished Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

Aerith, bein' left behind, sent him 89 letters for 4 long years. Unfortunately, Zack read the 89th letter which says like this: "I've been writing you letters, 89 of them. I don't know where to send them anymore..."

Zack along with Cloud was about to meet Aerith however, he fought countless infantrymen and was defeated.

Out of all Final Fantasy I've played, this one has the saddest ending. The main character, Zack Fair, died in the end.

What I've learned from him?

Embrace your dreams

Bye Zack.... *sobs*


I haven't defeated Minerva yet XD... I need to prepare for a battle with her :)

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