Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been working for like 15 hours everyday and when I got 2 days off, wahh, I wished it won't end XD.... During my 2 days off, I played FF Crisis Core ;) Nearly-ending though... I'm on the last chapter already....

I also got refreshed from ballads that I listen to ;) To share, here are some :)


Raw Provider: Nakiatala/Lisa-chan/PabloRiv
Translation: Meg-chan/Kiwi Musume
Subtitles: Raul-kun

REIRA starring Yuna Ito - Endless Story (The Memories) [Raul-kun]

- This PV is quite different. It shows Yuna Ito's work from Heart album specifically the making of the PVs.

Utada Hikaru - Deep River [Japan Gold Disc Award] [Raul-kun]

-This performance is truly amazing! Beautiful Hikki, beautiful voice, beautiful set, beautiful song! Two thumbs up!

Utada Hikaru - Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- [Music Lovers] [Raul-kun]

-This is my favorite "Flavor of Life" performance. It looks like Hikki's gonna cry here...

Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean [UH Live Streaming] [Raul-kun]

-The only performance of "Simple and Clean". The performance is indeed "simple and clean" ^_^ This is the song that got me into Hikki ^_^


Utada Hikaru - Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Holiday Live Special] [Raul-kun]

-I've been hearing the song from Greenday however, I didn't go deep within the lyrics. And when I saw Hikki's rendition, I decided to learn the meaning of the song. I feel "lonely" listening to the song...

That's all for today, watch out for more!!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

I can't download the Deep River live performance cuz the hoster connot work! Damn..can you upload it on another hoster like mediafire? Thank you

Anonymous said...

I can't download the video performance of DEEP RIVER cuz the hoster cannot work! Damn...can you upload the video on another hoster like mediafire? Thank you ~