Sunday, April 29, 2012

BoA - So Real [Made in Twenty Tour] ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

So Real is the 5th track on BoA's Made in Twenty album.

The song is about being "your real self". You don't need to live as "someone else", just be yourself and be totally open about whatever you feel.

There was a day when I listened to this song on repeat, it was the day I subtitled the live performance from Made in Twenty Tour.

So yeah, enjoy the video! =)


~I’m alone too, it’s not just you.
But see that you won’t be alone unless you close your eyes.~

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading  
Kiwi Musume / Meg-chan for the translation  
Lady Rinoa for the raw file 
BoA So Real mp3
BoA So Real music video
BoA So Real PV
BoA So Real live
BoA So Real made in twenty tour
BoA So Real download
BoA So Real translation
BoA So Real english subtitle
BoA So Real lyrics

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