Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kana Nishino - If [Live Kanayan Tour 2011 ~Summer~] ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

I posted this one before but it was deleted. A good friend suggested I switch to Facebook videos and on a try, here we go : Kana Nishino's IF performance on her Kanayan Tour :D

BTW, I was trying to add facebook comments here on my blog but it's not working... Will figure it out later.

Enjoy the video :)

~We fit so well together like if it was decided by chance right from the start~

Raul-kun for subtitles / uploading
Makikawaii for translation
Lady Rinoa for the raw file


Dyan Uy said...
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Raul said...

Hey Dyan! thanks your comment and your support to my works =)

haha we're the same, I'm a big Utada Hikaru fan and got captured by Kana Nishino ;) Kana ranks #3 on my favorite Japanese singers, of course, Hikaru Utada being my number one XD

Kana writes her songs too =) but most of the time, she collaborates with other peeps, unlike Utada Hikaru who single-handedly writes her songs :)

Raul said...

btw Dyan, you on FB/Twitter?

i wish to be friends with you =)

Anonymous said...

can i have a link to the facebook with all these on it ? so its larger !

Hey!Say!JUMP☆平成跳 said...

Hye,first of all,thank you so much for subbing this :)
Can I request to have the softsub for this? I wish to watch the whole LIVE in better quality with subtitles..I will just keep the softsubs for my own use,I promise I will not distribute or share it anywhere..If you can share it with me,please kindly send to my email address which is
thank you very much once again!