Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday Utada Hikaru!

It's January 19th, and what's marked on my calendar? What's on my cellphone calendars's reminder? It is UTADA HIKARU'S BIRTHDAY! *actually, I don't need the reminder thing LOL, IT'S AUTOMATIC!*

Just to celebrate this special day, I listened to her concerts :D

Bohemian Summer 2000 Live in Chiba Marine Stadium
Hikaru no 5 Live in Budokan 2004
Utada United 2006 in Saitama Super Arena
Wild Life 2010 in Yokohama Arena

and her discography shuffled on PSP during my 2 hour ride going to and from work (total of 4 hours) LOL

I'll get a cake on my payday ;) Yeah!

I tweeted Hikaru to greet her, if you haven't yet, please do ;)

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