Sunday, May 1, 2011

BoA - Winter Love Top Runner 2007 x 48th Japan Record Taisho ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

Raul-kun for subtitles/uploading
BoAjjang for translation
boaislove for the raw file

I dedicate this post to my dear friend Lara aka Lady Rinoa. She said that she liked the song more because of my fansub *cough* More emote teh? :))

Thank YOU for your support ^^

Anyways, Winter Love is one of the top BoA ballads for me... it's one of the saddest song I've heard and I even compare it to the sadness of Utada Hikaru's First Love :)

Baby, even if you forget me... is it okay for me to still love you?

Yeah, that line damn describes me T__T

Okay that's enough XD enjoy the song! :)

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