Sunday, May 8, 2011

BoA - Brave [The Face Tour] ~English Subtitles by Raul-kun~

~Just live without fear and believe only in your dream~

Raul-kun for subtitles/uploading
coversongstress for translation
Lady Rinoa for the raw file

I'd like to dedicate this post to Daphne. We had a chat about pursuing a dream and I was motivated on how she look at things ;) Stay positive Daphne ^__^

I would like to thank Dani aka miduhyo aka coversongstress for doing an on-the-spot translation ^o^

I would like to thank Lara aka Lady Rinoa for the raw file... The Face Tour has been my favorite BoA tour of all time ;)

The song caught my attention because it's rock-ballad. The lead guitar swept me away to Cloud 9 ^^ The blue ripple on stage was awesome too. I lavet!

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