Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tahooooooooooooooo! XD

Taho / Sweetened Soy Bean Curd

For my quest to obtain abs, I'm on diet mode (damn now I got coke float, i'll do more exercises tomorrow LOL) As per my personal doctor, Doctor Gee, I need to eat taho for extra protein ;) I'm having it on a daily basis. It's only 5 pesos (make it 10 pesos cause my niece likes it too LOL)

As of this writing, I am craving for taho LOL



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gdgdbabybaby dr.g said...

umm, bawasan ang arnibal wag msyado matamis ha.. :P

tahong matabang I rekomend lolol

wla akong taho dito!!
damm you! >_<

Raul said...

gdgdbabybaby dr.g : it's given ;) no way for the recommendation XDD shed, how bout homemade tahooo?