Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Deed!

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First post for the month of March ^^
Wew, sorry guys, I'm really busy playing Lord of Arcana XDD

Anyways, I've been doing really good when it comes to my values (cough). YES SERIOUSLY.

I always get to encounter OVER FARE CHANGES in my everyday 2hour ride going to and from work... ^_^ and because I'm good, I'm always honest XD

Scene 1:
My money is P50 but the conductor thought I paid P100. I said "Hey, I only got P50" B-)

Scene 2:
My fare is P28 and the conductor gave me P20 ticket, I said "It's P28" ^_^

I always think that "honesty is the best policy" I want others to be honest with me as well when I get to commit mistakes...

Woot woot! That's all for now.
Hope you do good deeds too ;)

PS: I dunno why the above code ([center]) is not working :(


Randolf said...

Raul, are your trying BBCode tags? for HTML you can use center tag instead

Ang baet naman Raul =))

Raul said...

yay it worked! thanks!

hmm i was using the center one before and it worked.. but now it's not lol using the DIV one ;)

you know me ^_^ mabaet po me!