Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anime OST Live with English Subtitles!

Woot woot! I'd like to share some of the anime songs I subtitled... too bad most of them were deleted already :(

Anna inspi' NANA - Rose [Blood of Roses] ~English Sub~

This song rocks!

Olivia inspi' REIRA - A Little Pain [Street Live]

My #1 Olivia song ;) I discovered this from NANA anime (the ending theme) and I found it's a really good song! Ummm.. yeah I can relate to the song LOL I'm actually waiting for someone but I think that someone is not going to return :(

LIA - Feel Like A Girl [School Rumble Live] ~English Sub~

Yay! I still remember the scene at School Rumble when this song was played. I thought it's a great soothing ballad ;)

Judy and Mary - Sobakasu ~Live Version~ ~English Sub by Raul~

Who doesn't know Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X? The opening song "Sobakasu / Freckles" has an awesome lead guitar! :D

Anata dake mitsumeteru (live) ~English Subtitles~

Highschool flashback, Slamdunk's ending theme translated as "I Got My Eyes Only on You" is about having a crush and having your eyes locked at her haha surely I can relate RAWRRR!

Tamura Naomi Yuzurenai Negai English Subtitles

This song was very famous during the 90s anime here in the Philippines and even had a Tagalog version ;) I like the lead guitar too ^__^


ja! ^^

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