Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Utada Hikaru - Wild Life ~ustream ver~ audio rip


Here we go again ;)

I made an audio rip of Utada Hikaru's Wild Life concert (12082010) which was live streamed by ustream.

I prefer this version since Hikki's voice is much more awesome (I think Hikki is very powerful here) unlike the SkyPerfect which was edited that made Hikki sound weak (in my opinion)... Ok, it's been debated by UH fans LOL

A few things to note about this audio rip:

1) Songs only...
2) Prisoner of Love was cut...
3) I added a bonus track called BONJOUR (you know it XD)
4) That's all


Brought to you by :


00 Bonjour
01 Goodbye Happiness x Traveling
02 Take 5 x Prisoner of Love
03 Colors
04 Letters
05 Hymn a Lamour
06 Sakura Drops
07 Eclipse ~interlude~
08 Passion
09 Blue
10 Show Me Love
11 Stay Gold
12 Boku wa Kuma
13 Automatic
14 First Love
15 Flavor of Life
16 Beautiful World
17 Hikari
18 Nijiiro Basu
19 Across the Universe
20 Can't Wait Till Christmas
21 Time Will Tell





Sylfi for upping the concert
Raul-kun for extracting the songs
BhiveGirl for uploading


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the anonymous who asked for the lyrics you translated, sorry for late reply, very busy studying, i'm fine even with just the text file such as .txt or .rtf, and i won't use it or post it anywhere to claim its credits, just for personal use, please, tnx a lot!

Raul said...

Yow Anonymous!

is the place for lyrics/translation ;)

I still haven't asked permission if I can post her works on my blog so yeah, just visit her site :D

hope it helps! :)

Anonymous said...

would you mind re-uploading please? ^^

Raul said...

i will try but i can't promise to have it uploaded :(