Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Utada Hikaru - MTV Unplugged audio rip


I've made an audio rip of Utada Hikaru's MTV Unplugged performance.


01 Wait and See
02 First Love
03 Addicted to You
04 Parody
05 Kettobase!
06 With or Without You
07 Automatic
08 Final Distance





Raul-kun for extracting the songs
BhiveGirl for uploading


Brian Farey said...

Oh, the only one that missed me! I have the video and I wanted to rip it like the Utada United (make by me), but this it is a very present! Thanks!

PS there is hope for the Bohemian Summer video? I've ordered the DVD, but I want to see now, your link is broken...

Raul said...

yow Brian!

The link for UH MTV Unplugged is still being uploaded.... BhiveGirl is still not feeling well that's why...

It's a huge one to upload.. I'll talk to BhiveGirl if she can upload it ;)

Brian Farey said...


PS if you want Utada United audio rip, i try to upload

Raul said...

Thanks Brian!

i already have that ;)

will post it here too :D