Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blade Dancer : Lineage of Light

After 27 hours of gameplay, finally finished the game Blade Dancer : Lineage of Light. At first, the game was kinda boring but then, I enjoyed playing the game after learning how things work.

Lance - the main character. Uses sword and fire element
Gozen - group support, uses sharp weapons in hand and earth element
Felis - the healer, uses staff as a weapon and water element
Tess/Deliza - lowers enemies stats, uses bow as a weapon and wind element
Below are my likes and dislikes about the game.

Awesome Graphics - look for some gameplay / trailer XD
Crafting Equipments - weapons is not of unlimited use here... u need to find the materials to craft em ;) You can craft their ultimate weapons upon obtaining the materialshowever; u can't equip it unless you reach the required level to equip.
Skills and Group Skills - Characters have their own skills. See for yourself XD
Map Function - It's easier to navigate each area because of the map.
Monster Morphing - Monsters grow stronger as you get stronger... They even morph/combine and they become STRONGER! Challenge yourself by morphing all of the monsters in the area to be hell strong. On a good note, it's a good way to level up ;)


In my opinion, the game is way short -_-
Long walk... really really long walking... you'll get a teleporter half of the game ;) so that's really a relief XD
Enemies look the same but different names (example : Horror Skull, Cursed Skull, Crazy Skull...) Colors and enemies' stats vary though

That's all I can think for now lol...

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