Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean [UH Live Streaming] [Raul-kun]

Someone requested this uploaded :)

This is one of the highest views i got (200+k) ;) thanks for your support everyone :D

Let's support UTADA HIKARU to the fullest :)

Below are some of the comments made for the video at youtube ;)

Youtube ID

This song get inside me and make me feel better. I Think its a strange song, different from the others, because... uh, i don't know how to explain it . But is really fantastic, I Love it, i'll always remember it...

THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY #1 SONG IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only one that comes close is SANCTUARY!!!!!!


Oh My Gawd. i fricken love her! i practically cried hearing this *wipes away the almost-tear*

i cant get enough of this vid!! <3 im still stuck in the dream when i saw her live at the house of blues!!!

when she says; regardless of warning the future doesn't scare me at all. . it always gets to me. really touches my heart<3 i love her, she's awesome!
great voice! :D

Absolutely amazing! And Kingdom Hearts rocks and her singing on it had made the introduction something fantastic to always look forward to and remember! : )

my god her voice is amazing...and i dont think ive ever seen someone singing with that much emotion. im seriously shocked with how amazing that was

Everything about her is Beautiful.Her voice her face everything!If it was'nt for kingdom Hearts I would never known about Utada.I wish she would have more spotlight in America.How is the crap people listen to now better than Utada! Long live Utada!!

I like her because they actually use her real voice not some fake mix of her voice like most people out here "singing" now days i really like her Utada rocks!!! <3

LINK : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y8HHNI94

Enjoy ^_^


Poorvi Acharya said...

Can you please reupload this?? Also would it be possible to upload the rest of the UH Live Streaming. I have been looking for it everywhere.

Poorvi Acharya said...

Can you please reupload this?? Also would it possible to upload all of the UH Live Streaming? I have been looking for it everywhere.

Raul said...

my internet is really slow :( i can't even upload at youtube...

i can't find my copy of the whole UH Live Streaming T__T

Poorvi Acharya said...

well thanks anyway. By the way, your blog is awesome. It's one of the few things that kept me sane after hikaru went on hiatus :). If you do manage to upload UH Live Streaming, it would be greatly appreciated :).

Raul said...

thank you very much for your support!!!