Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I remember myself craving for Squall's ultimate weapon LIONHEART back in Dissidia. I got it the "hard way". Upgrade the Revolver, farming Elixirs at Coliseum, Battlegen LVL 100 Squall to get the components (with very low percentage of getting). But it's worth it, I obtained the LIONHEART ^_^

For Dissidia 012, I used a FRIEND CARD which owns a Lionheart :) Fight fight fight and if you're lucky, it'll drop the Lionheart. It dropped me "Punishment" and gave me "Lion's Hope" too (components for Lionheart). I only need 1 Lion's Hope and to my surprise, it dropped the LIONHEART (lucky!!!!!!!!!)

How to use friend cards?

1. Download a friend card

For your friend card needs, here you go:



2. Connect the PSP with USB. Extract and copy the friend card to Memcard >> PSP >> Savedata

3. Run the game. Choose "Communications Mode" then choose "Communications" then Import Friend Card.

4. That's it! Battle the friend card and start farming!

PS : You might have problems importing friend cards due to CFW compatibilities. Just try and try ;)



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